A friend’s birthday. She’s chosen Bamboo as the place to be.
Bamboo @ Martin Place Bar
(Assessment time: 1:30am-4:00am)
Website: http://www.urbanagent.com.au
Cover Charge/Entry Fee: $25 After midnight.
Music: RNB. Pretty good. Typical RNB you would hear at any good RNB club
Crowd: Asian
Atmosphere: Crowded. People dancing, just enough to reach close to capacity.
No line:
It was 1:30 as we arrived and there was no line. I was expecting a line, but it wasn’t at full capacity. As we entered, it was probably at around 80-90% capacity. Still pretty busy. Jason the Korean bum dancer was pretty much on one of the podiums already doing his thing.

Birthday girl is already spewing her guts out
I took a photo with the birthday girl sitting down. After the photo, she sits up and empties out the contents of her stomach onto the floor. Absolutely disgustingly hilarious stuff. Apparently her 4th chunder that night.

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