I’ve got an invite to new club opening at the ATT4FUN complex – It’s called Hive Club. I’ve missed the grand opening night but I’m here for the Invite Only event before public launch. Let’s check it out!

Hive mirrors. Taking it too far

Hive mirrors. Taking it too far

Fridays @ Hive Club, Taipei, Taiwan.

Hive club has been open since December 2013

Opening Hours:
10:00PM – 4:00AM

1st Floor, ATT4FUN complex, at the Taipei 101 building.

Best to taxi it here. Or MRT and walk from Taipei 101 station.



Same promoters / company as of Myst nightclub.

Open since December 2013, Hive club is open Tuesday nights to Sunday nights. Take that Monday off to recover.

Dress Code / Door Policy:

During weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays  it is quite easy-going and lax
Fridays, Saturdays it is recommended for both ladies and gentlemen to wear at minimum smart casual.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Gentlemen if you enter the premises before 23:00PM, the prices are 400NTD (Fri/Sat is 500NTD). Otherwise expect to pay a bit more after 23:00PM
Ladies get free entry before 23:00PM.

Passouts allowed, you get a stamp.

+886-911-439-897 for Table reservation
+886-2-7737-9990 for venue reservation

Cloak Room:
No cloak room services

Bottle Service / Table Service:
In taipei you usually order a table and pay for some bottles, but here these guys offer “All You Can Drink Tables”. The cost being $2000NTD/8 people, $2500/12 people, $3000N TD/15 people. ). This includes entry to the club.

There are also tables which do not offer all you can drink, but why are you even here? ($10,000 NTD/10 people)

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