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On June 7, 2014
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Despite other reviews, It was pretty dead during this saturday night. My friends and I consisted of half the population of the crowd. I probably won't go back here. At least we got instant access to the bar.

The latest event at The Empire Hotel is White Rabbit. The theme is Alice in Wonderland. Looked promising, so I chugged half a bottle of wine and ran inside before it hit me. Time to check it out!

RNB Room DJ, Flygirl Tee

RNB Room DJ, Flygirl Tee

White Rabbit @ The Empire Hotel, Kings Cross

Opening Hours:
8:00PM – 3:00AM

32 Darlinghurst Road, (Potts Point) Kings Cross

Venue Website:

Event Website:

SFX, Trash

Every Saturday

Dress Code / Door Policy:
Casual is okay, and most people were dressed casually. Otherwise people were dressed up in theme.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
$10 standard entry, Free before 10PM, free before 11PM if you show your student ID.

Lockout laws apply


Cloak Room:
None found

Bottle Service / Table Service:
Not offered

Assessment Time
11:45AM – 2:30AM

Outside Line:
No outside line upon entry.

At  2 level club event: The top level is split into a small room and a larger room.

The small room has a tiny bar, as well as a tiny dancefloor and DJ area. It’s a small triangular shaped room.

The main room has the most dance floor area, which could hold 100 people or so. One main bar at the back, while the DJ sits elevated at the front of the room. There are 5 or so separate VIP areas (on busy days), and near the DJ there contains a small podium alongside a dancing pole to the right.

Level 1: A room with a wooden dance floor, rectangular in nature and kind of narrow. DJ in the middle aspect of the floor. Behind the DJ is a large podium where nobody dances, while in front is the dance floor to hold 50 or so people. To the left are bathrooms while to the right are lounges, and chairs, individual sofa chairs.

Bar Prices / Line:
Tequila sunrise drink = $9.00
No drinks after 1:30??
No shots after midnight (From memory)

Bathroom Facilities:
Pretty dirty floor, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, probably cause there weren’t many people tonight.

DJs: Guillotine, Sherlock, Romeo Fabio, DJ Flygirl Tee for Level 1, Big Bad Wolf, Wilson, DJ In Fluenc and more.

Music Style:
Level 1: RnB party tunes

Level 2: Electro, house, progressive, trance (EDM)


Local Caucasian crowd, young. The sample size isn’t big enough (probably 20-30 people altogether) to give a proper analysis.


3 guys to 1 girl roughly. The girls were all taken by guys.


Nil extra entertainment


Level 2 Main Room: There was constantly a crowd on the floor, but pretty sparse. Smoke machines, UV lights, and a dark room dominate the former Fake Club venue. There is a small podium at the front of the stage. It never completely got full, as we could always get a chair, we could always get a spot at the bar for a drink right away. The bar was fully utilised and we drank quite a bit to forget how dead this place was.

Level 2 Side Room: There were three people in here including the DJ. The other two were a couple, wondering why they were here. I did not step into the room for the rest of the night.

Level 1 was completely dead throughout the night.. until. Approximately 1:30 I went down and discovered it was RnB. It was then I dragged all my friends downstairs and we pretty much danced here the rest of the night. There were about 5 other people just lounging around and making out.

Generally there were some people who themed it up and it did make the general atmosphere somewhat more friendly. Rabbit ears were definitely the easiest aspect of the Alice in Wonderland employed tongiht.

Upon Departure

My friend was found passed out in the bathroom stall. A girl crawled under the door to unlock it. She was now lying on the bathroom floor. Within five minutes she was kicked out and then we spent the night in hospital – The consequences of peer pressure.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

I don’t know what was going on tonight, but it was a piss poor turnout. Maybe everybody went to Vivid.

White Rabbit @ The Empire Hotel, Potts Point, Kings Cross – 4/10

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