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This one is more for the Parramatta locals and the dedicated Reggae fans. The music is mostly Hip Hop, Rap, Latin RnB. There is not much in offering for contemporary music until much later in the night. I wasn't feeling it at all. The Jamrock area played Reggae in its various forms. Crowd is friendly. Advantage is its open until 6AM but lockout is 2AM.

A friend is out clubbing west. It’s an event I’ve never been to. Not only that, it’s combined with the Jamrock! I’m keen – let’s check it out!

Bounce | Jamrock @ One World Parramatta 

Jamrock! started in the city and over the years has moved across various venues until reaching its current spot in Parramatta.
Bounce: I have no idea about the Bounce event.  This is NOT the same Bounce event which plays Korean music. Tonight’s event is different.

Bounce Saturdays @ One World Parramatta Crowd

Bounce Saturdays @ One World Parramatta Crowd

Opening Hours:
10:00PM – 6:00AM

295 Church St, Parramatta

It’s pretty easy to find street parking nearby.

Venue Website:

Event Website:

Dawn Raid Entertainment, Dox Entertainment

Every Saturday since March 2012

Dress Code / Door Policy:
Casual anything is okay. Hats are not allowed, unless you have a pair of tits, in which then you are more than welcome to wear any sort of head attire.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
$20 Entry

Lockout: 2:00 AM
As Parramatta is outside the jurisdiction zone there is no lockout by law. However the security don’t let people in anyway after 2AM. Seems normal.

It appears there are no guestlists for this event. Anybody is welcome.

Cloak Room:

$3 for a cloak room until 3AM. Pretty good. Make sure you get your stuff back before it closes, as the club runs past 3:00AM

Bottle Service / Table Service:
No bottle service offered at this place. Thank heavens.

Assessment Time
11:30PM – 2:30AM

Outside Line:
There were two drunk guys trying to show security they were sober. Good luck with that. Nobody else in line.

Walk upstairs to enter directly into the back of the “Bounce” Venue.

‘Bounce’ Room: Split into the rear bar/table area, while the front half of the venue has the dance floor and DJ booth. The dance area is rectangular and holds approx 70-100 people. It’s a dark atmosphere
‘Jamrock’ Room: Even smaller than the Bounce room, it holds perhaps 40 people, and is a carpeted area with its own bar. It’s well-lit.

At around 1:30-2AM, JamRock closes and the crowd merges to the Bounce Room

Bar Prices / Line:

I didn’t drink tonight, but wait at the bar wasn’t long. Friends waited no longer than 3-5 minutes.

Bathroom Facilities:
Seemed reasonably clean.

Bounce: The DJ reveals his background with a “shout out to the Polynesians”. Later there are some other DJ’s, but the Polynesian DJ takes the majority of the night.
Jamrock: All the various DJ’s rotated through are African

Music Style:
Bounce: Plenty of old school rap and hip hop. They’ve played numerous 90’s West Coast rap songs. It must be also the only place that still plays Soulja Boi’s “Kiss me through the phone” .

Later the tunes are getting quite dull. There are some dubious song selections and I even yawned at times. It was actually quite unbearable to try to dance to, and we often switched rooms and put up with the unfamiliar sounds of reggae. Songs were often played in their entirety with minimal mixing. We were all in agreeance that this was possibly one of the worst DJ’s we’ve tried to dance to (and we paid for it). It just wasn’t for us, but some of the crowd didn’t mind. Perhaps it’s just me. At 1:30 AM they finally changed DJ’s to this Asian dude and all of a sudden the music and vibe got better, and the crowd were more receptive.

Jamrock!: Reggae all around. I don’t know my reggae subgenres. Perhaps one UB40 song I knew they played.


A mix of young polynesian (Bounce) and young to older African (Jamrock) crowd, mixed with local Asians and Caucasians.


Bounce: There were always more girls than guys. When we started, there were 23 girls and 3 guys. Sorry, I mean 2 guys. One of the guys I counted was actually a girl with short hair. So 24 girls and 2 guys. What a ridiculous ratio.

Jamrock: Typical more dudes than girls.

The crowd often switch between venues.

Jamrock @ One World Parramatta Crowd

Jamrock @ One World Parramatta Crowd

11:30 – 12:30
Bounce: Some people dancing around
Jamrock: Dead as.

Bounce: More people dancing around
Jamrock: Packed as. However its a shame that the old venues for Jamrock used to attract so many more people. It seems to have held it’s grown here in Parramatta though when joining up with Bounce.


Bounce: Pretty busy
Jamrock: Room closed.


Twerk Comp

The best twerker gets $300. Sounds fair. Sadly only open to girls. So not fair.

The 6 girls volunteer for the prize and the MC starts the comp. Everybody is bloody hopeless and not even twerking. They are just dancing around. Only one girl was okay.

The MC comments “Do any of you understand English?” LOL

It’s now up to the crowd. This girl with huge tits who was showing her cleavage and purposely jiggling them around ,got no cheers at all. So embarrassment. She looked upset that the only thing her tits won were the admiration of the creepy men.

Eventually girl won the prize and the MC gave her the money. Three girls went off the stage but two more remained behind and kept twerking, trying to win the prize. haha.

The MC comments “If you did not win the twerking comp, get the f*ck off the stage”.  cracked up so hard.


Upon Departure
Left at 2:30 as well, we were tired. Of note there was a new hole punched in the wall as we walked downstairs.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

This one is more for the locals and the dedicated Reggae fans. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit the Bounce event at all, nor shall I visit it again. I would prefer Albion down the road, or Roxy, if you were a bit richer.

Bounce @ One World : 3.0/10
Jamrock @ One World Parramatta: 4.5/10


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    Roxy was charging $60 that night because it was Anzac long weekend and they were shamelessly taking advantage.

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