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The new club on the block has potential, but best to visit on a Saturday night. All you can drink table service is also an attractive option for those who don't want to visit the larger clubs.

I’ve got an invite to new club opening at the ATT4FUN complex – It’s called Hive Club. I’ve missed the grand opening night but I’m here for the Invite Only event before public launch. Let’s check it out!

Hive mirrors. Taking it too far

Hive mirrors. Taking it too far

Fridays @ Hive Club, Taipei, Taiwan.

Hive club has been open since December 2013

Opening Hours:
10:00PM – 4:00AM

1st Floor, ATT4FUN complex, at the Taipei 101 building.

Best to taxi it here. Or MRT and walk from Taipei 101 station.


Same promoters / company as of Myst nightclub.

Open since December 2013, Hive club is open Tuesday nights to Sunday nights. Take that Monday off to recover.

Dress Code / Door Policy:

During weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays  it is quite easy-going and lax
Fridays, Saturdays it is recommended for both ladies and gentlemen to wear at minimum smart casual.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Gentlemen if you enter the premises before 23:00PM, the prices are 400NTD (Fri/Sat is 500NTD). Otherwise expect to pay a bit more after 23:00PM
Ladies get free entry before 23:00PM.

Passouts allowed, you get a stamp.

+886-911-439-897 for Table reservation
+886-2-7737-9990 for venue reservation

Cloak Room:
No cloak room services

Bottle Service / Table Service:
In taipei you usually order a table and pay for some bottles, but here these guys offer “All You Can Drink Tables”. The cost being $2000NTD/8 people, $2500/12 people, $3000N TD/15 people. ). This includes entry to the club.

There are also tables which do not offer all you can drink, but why are you even here? ($10,000 NTD/10 people)


Assessment Time:

Outside Line:
The line wasn’t that long, and its a separate side entry (to the left from the main entrance to ATT4FUN). Can be tricky to find

Entry from the ground floor is via a large elevator. Theres even room for a mini-bar in the elevator. The most impressive nightclub elevator in Taiwan, lol.

This elevator is big

This elevator is big

As you exit the elevator, enter the right side of the club. Tables line the sides of the club. Right in the middle is the dancefloor. The floor is a see-through dancfloor, with the glowing pattern of honeycomb beneath. It’s pretty fancy but you get over it soon. The columns that hold the club in place are covered in glowing red lights. The dance floor can hold about 100 people while the tables can hold 300 or so people.

The bar is located in the far left corner. The bar is in the shape of, surprise, a hexagonal shape.



Bar Prices / Line:

$200 NTD per drink.


Disappointed. Only 2 cubicles and four urinals. THERE WAS A LINE FOR THE GUYS. Enough said.

Music Style:

Tonight it’s friday Hip Hop night and they love to play it loud. It’s okay for what it is, people seem more concerned with drinking.


Being VIP night, it was mostly regular clubbers here who are dressed well. Almost everyone here received invites by clubbing at Myst. Mostly mid-20’s to 40’s here. Pretty much all locals here, but probably only because it was the first week of opening. I pretty predict that as the club gains recognition over the next few months the crowd will shift towards of a mix of foreigners and locals, but mostly locals.

General crowd shot

General crowd shot


Early in the night there are dancers prancing about on the podium areas. The dancing area is distinctly segregated from the general table service areas.

Podium dancers

Podium dancers

It was pretty dead when I got in (12:30AM, right), and nobody was on the expansive dancefloor. So me, slightly intoxicated, jumped up and danced and tried to get my friends up. They aren’t too keen. So I managed to get some other random Taiwanese local girls up to dance. Pretty much within 15 minutes the whole dance floor becomes packed. You’re welcome.

At around 1:45AM police come in and pause the entire club for ID checks. This is the first time it has happened to me, but I’ve been told it is quite common. It takes about 15 minutes to check everybody’s ID. Even the bar is closed during this time. It’s a major mood killer.

ID checks are normal here

ID checks are normal here

Walkthrough and time-lapse
YouTube Preview Image

The hexagonal ‘Hive’ dancefloor
YouTube Preview Image

Upon Departure
Around 2:00AM the place started to empty out.. fast. 2:30AM it was pretty much empty bare 4 people including me. Time to go.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

The drink deals are a steal, but in terms of size and grandiosity you should go for sister club Myst. However on its own standing, Hive has some great potential as long as the crowds keep coming in.

Rating: 7/10

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