It seems everyone in my circle of clubbing friends has been here except me. It’s finally time tonight to check it out!

Main Room - 12:40AM

Main Room – 12:40AM

Masif @ Space Nightclub Sydney

Opening Hours:
10:00PM – 05:30AM

127 Liverpool St (Level 2 – enter via entering Shark Hotel)

Venue Website:

Event Website:

Promoters: Hard Dance Sydney, Masif, HDA, Krazy

Occurrence: Every Saturday night

Dress Code / Door Policy: Anything goes, no restrictions.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
$25 full entry fee after midnight (guestlists end at midnight).
$20 on guestlist

Guestlist: Contact your preferred promoter or directly at

Cloak Room: $5 ?

Assessment Time
11:30PM – 2:30AM

Outside Line:
This is one of those places where the line outside gets longer as the night goes on. It would be helpful to line up before midnight.

After entering via the register on the Shark Hotel level, walk up the stairs to enter the secondary Harder Styles room. DJ at the front with a small dancefloor to fit about 70-80 people. There is surrounding tables, chairs and carpeted area. There is a bar on the right which also serves the room on the other side.

Into the main room where the DJ is on the far right on the elevated stage area. Laser lights are all over the place. The dancefloor is larger here and can accommodate about 300 people comfortably. Lounges are at the far back, and it’s much darker here in terms of lighting.

Bar Prices / Line: Didn’t drink tonight.

Bathroom Facilities: Seemed to hold up fine

DJs: Dark by Design was the main act tonight. Other DJs were Steve Hill, Suae, Pulsar, Amber Savage, HSB among others.

Music Style: Hard Dance, Hard Trance. I had low expectations coming in tonight but I actually enjoyed the music being played tonight in the main room, but I really disliked the second room’s music, and hardly spent any time there. My first time friends also quite liked it, after a few minutes of settling in.

Crowd: Mixed crowd of local Aussies and Asians. Mixed ages from teenagers upto people in their 30’s/40’s later in the night. After 3AM there comes an influx people from other clubs head down here for their trance/hardstyle fix. With it also comes a bit of seediness.

Atmosphere: Most people stayed in the main room tonight. The main room was where more people were dancing and having a general better time. It has a darker atmosphere and much more of a ‘club’ feel with the laser lights and loud thumping speakers at the front. Near the front it was a bit crowded with only some arm room to move around. People all generally faced the front attracted to the bright lights of the large LED backscreen and not hang out in circles or groups of people as in other clubs playing typical commercial music.

The second room only had a few hardcore fans dancing around there, the area was more lit up and sparse with always room to spare.

2nd Room

YouTube Preview Image

Upon Departure
Pretty much after the main act played we left, as friends were tired, but I would definitely have liked to have stayed longer. Perhaps next time

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

Yes! Don’t be afraid to come here, it might take a bit to settle in but you’ll be right into the dancing soon enough. Crowd seems complacent enough, though my friend advises me to avoid the “lads” there.

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