I was at Shark Hotel and I heard music coming from the club upstairs! I had to check it out..

Back view of the floor at 12:30AM

Naked (Thursday nights) @ Space Nightclub (Shark Hotel), Sydney


Opening Hours:
9:00PM – 4:00AM

127 Liverpool St.
You need to enter Shark Hotel first on the 1st floor, and from there take another flight of stairs to the 2nd floor, where Space is.

Venue Website:

Event Website:


Every Thursday night since October (was at another venue prior to this)

Dress Code / Door Policy:
Anything goes. Casual is okay, everyone (almost everyone) is wearing t-shirts or whatever is comfortable. Singlets everywhere. Saw a guy in a bear costume as well as a backpacker wearing a pair of thongs. I had sneakers/jeans/shirt/jacket.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Free entry all night.

See facebook page for info

Cloak Room:

Assessment Time
Midnight – 1:30AM

Outside Line:
No line at midnight.

Space is two rooms, but only the smaller room is open for tonight. This room is basically a wooden dancefloor fitting 6 people wide by approx 15 people in length. At the front is a podium for 6 or so people and the DJ booth behind. On the right is the bar with 2 or 3 bartenders at a time. Behind is the smoking room and seating area. There are also seats immediately adjacent to the dancefloor on the right hand side.

Bar Prices / Line:
$3.50 drinks (normal spirits) before 11PM. $5 afterwards. Typically you wait no more than one order.

Bathroom Facilities:
Fine, clean.

Music Style:
A mix of selected tunes from Trance, Top 40, rnb, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Old school, Rock, and Retro. Songs played included: Turn Up the Love , Drop it like its Hot, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Skrillex), and even Play that funky music – yup; It’s a mashup of dance hits. Songs were played in their entirety without much or any mixing (aka I could have been the DJ) – but I guess this bodes well with the regular crowd. There were also song repeats! A shame since I was only here for 90 minutes – there are surely more songs from the past three decades to pick from.

It’s Thursday night, so the people here are those who don’t have anything on Friday morning. I am talking about young uni students (and even some recent high school finishers). So definitely teenagers and young 20’s here tonight. There are also some backpackers who have wandered upstairs from the Shark Hotel bar below. Mostly Caucasian with a mix of typical backpackers.

Guys. Lots of them. Probably 3.5 guys to 1 girl.

It’s quite warm when you get inside, not as warm as in you get sweaty right away, but just noticeably warm.. over time I did have to take off my jacket. The floor itself was mostly occupied with people while the surrounding areas were sparse – you would usually be able to get a seat if you walked off stage. It’s not too dark so you can see around. People here are always dancing so if you came here to dance, then just dance. Head thrashing counts.

YouTube Preview Image

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

If you’re feeling super tight ass, come here tonight and your wallet will thank you. Though it is just one small room with lots of guys, the tunes are a good mix that kept the crowd going, but it could alienate people who are only familiar to one or two genres of music as pretty much any genre you can think of was chosen to be played tonight. It’s a nice place in the city for a short dance (probably one of the busier places in the CBD) but I wouldn’t be able to last here all night.

Naked @ Space Nightclub – 5.0/10

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