Waiting for a friend in the city, so I am dropping by here for a bit.

Bad Party / Club Wings @ Cheers Nightclub, Sydney
Assessment Time: 11:50PM – 12:40AM
Opening Hours: 11:00PM – 4:00AM
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 561 George St. Cheers Nightclub is underground, separate from Cheers Bar on the ground floor.
Venue Website: http://www.cheersbar.com.au
Event Website: http://www.cheersbar.com.au/sydneycheers
Promoter Website: Unknown, but it is definitely one of the Korean promoters.
Occurrence: Every Thursday since 2011. It was called “Bad Party”, with the idea that “Bad” implied naughty-ness, but that has immensely backfired in a contextual sense, and because of this, the promoters have changed the event name to “Club wings” this year. You can tell the promoters are the same, when the club stamp on my arm says “Bad Party”. These promoters are living off a shoestring. 
Outside Line: There was no line. Just 3 pretty girls in Angel Wings. Admittedly they swayed my decision to go inside here tonight. Damn me for having a mindset of a man.
Dress Code / Door Policy: No hats allowed in here. Other than that, you were allowed to pretty much wear casual clothing within reason. Most guys wore collared shirts. The girls were pretty casual as well tonight
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $5 entry. Previous weeks girls got free entry before 1AM but it is unknown if that was applied tonight.
Guestlist: N/A
Inside: Walk downstairs underground to enter the one room of the nightclub. On the left wall is the bar. On the right wall are TV screens playing the video clip to whatever song is being played at the moment. The other two walls are lined with lounges. The DJ booth is on the far right wall. Right smack in the middle is the wooden dancefloor, with the rest of the area being carpeted. The floor is approximately 7×7 metres.
Cloak Room: None
Bar Prices / Line: I didn’t drink tonight. Water can be had separately.
Bathroom Facilities: On a weekend the bathroom usually reeks like urine and vomit. Thankfully tonight nobody has done such things, and they are acceptable for a Thursday night. That’s right folks, it doesn’t smell like piss tonight.
Eviction Count: None spotted
DJs: DJ Nick Kim all night
Music Style: Purely Top 40 and classic party hits. Full music songs are played, with the associated video clip played on TV screens around the walls. The DJ doesn’t really have much flexibility in this case in terms of mixing – being forced to really only be creative when transitioning between songs, which isn’t the hardest thing to do. Even my mother could do it. I felt sorry for the DJ, he looked like he was over these pop songs.

Crowd: About 40-50% of the crowd looked Korean, while the rest of the crowd looked like backpackers who just wandered in, not knowing what it was like, as well as a handful of guys suited up who had just finished work.

Ratio: Ratio was skewed towards guys tonight – approximately 1 girl per 3 guys.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment.
Atmosphere: Upon entry (11:50PM), the population was exactly 10 people on the dancefloor and about another 10 sitting down. At around 12:20AM (half an hour later), its still dead as hell, and only the courageous people are dancing on the dancefloor (about 2 people), simply because if you decided to dance, everyone else in the whole nightclub will stare at you, since there is nothing else to stare at. It is still dead here, and thus is the explanation why this place doesn’t smell. The volume overall isn’t too loud but its good enough. The dancefloor is half-lit with the surrounds being pretty dark, the only light source eminating from the TV screens. There are also some strobe lights which add to the effect, but overall it was a very quiet night here. I think finally just at around 12:40AM, the entire crowd population numbers DOUBLED to 40 p. An amazing achievement. 
YouTube Preview Image

Well, I was only dropping by, and I had to leave. This wasn’t going to pick up any time soon, especially considering the rain outside.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
There are better places to go with a similar crowd / music style, which are free and nearby. I’m thinking Side Bar, Scary Canary, and sadly even Scruffy Murphys. However if you really wanted to meet some Korean folk and spend $5 then go for your life, but don’t get your hopes up. I won’t be back here.

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