We’re in Queenstown, New Zealand! Time to do a Pub Crawl and visit as many free bars as possible. Here we go!

Money Shot

“Kiwi Crawl” Pub Crawl, Queenstown, New Zealand:
Website: http://www.KiwiCrawl.co.nz
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20. Includes 6 free drinks, pizza and entry to the venues that we go to.
Music Style: Most places had house/RnB, while some places were just bars to have a drink at.
Crowd: For tonight’s crawl, we had 2 Kiwis, and the rest were Australian, except for one American.
Ratio: 2 girls to 1 guy, though there were only 9 of us tonight, as it was immediately after new years
Entertainment: Our host was a big life of the party for sure.
Atmosphere: Lots of drink challenges and random street antics as one does when inebriated.

Timeline (of the various bars)
Started in the World Bar, Queenstown. Let me tell you, it is exactly like the World Bar in Sydney! Cocktails are served in teapots and everything, but this World Bar is more spacious than the Sydney one, albeit it’s only on one level, while Sydney’s Word Bar has three levels. A strangely familiar sight it was. So we just chilled out here and the organiser came up and told us only 9 people signed up for the pub crawl – but 6 were girls. Oh yeah!!
And so it began, the 9 of us on a pub crawl. A vast difference to the 500+ people who signed up only days earlier for New Years. We did our intros and well I don’t think I was going to go far. The advantages of a smaller group was that we got to have some double shots at the venues, hooray!

Random bar #1 – Double free shot on entry. Bought a “Money shot” where you shake the cocktail in your mouth and it tastes like PANCAKES! Amazing

Me: hello
Her: Hello! Blah blah blah blah
Her Friend: Hey! what are you doing? Remember what we said earlier? (wiggling eyebrows in a “you know what I mean”)

Oh dear lord, a pre-prep talk to watch over each other? On a PUB CRAWL?? Puhhlease!! 

Random Bar #2 – Free shot on entry. Got a $6 NZD Jagerbomb. Choice. Played some Strip Pool against a girl and I lost.. hard.

Strip Pool, halfway through

Bar 3: Altitude Bar – Double free shot on entry. Didn’t drink anything extra. There’s a dance pole right at the front of the dancefloor. Only a handful of people are dancing here and we just dance and do poses. This place wasn’t very busy as I thought it would be. Then again its a weekday. Top 40 here.

Bar 4: The Buffalo – A shot on entry. Can’t remember if it was double. Getting pretty sloshy and friendly. This place pretty much was the only consistent place that delivered some form of crowd and top 40 music, every night. Probably the general recommendation for the backpacker in this town. It was a lot of dancing, but the dancefloor is only of a medium to small size, and it does get a little warm in here.

Bar 5: The World Bar – Yet another free drink, and the night ends here. Surprisingly there are more people here than at the Buffalo. The larger dancefloor space is much better, with a dedicated DJ booth as well. Earlier in the night there is usually a Live Band playing popular Top 40 tunes for people to dance to, but right now its House.

I sustained a minor injury the other day and had to retire early. Boo hoo.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
For $20 and guaranteed 6 drinks and entry to all the clubs listed (All the clubs were free entry anyway) it’s choice. Do it.

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    Excellent information, sweet webpage design and style, keep up the great work

  2. Jack Haughey says:

    Hey James remember me…I’m the host, Jack! Awesome website and great write up. You guys were still one of my best crawls yet and Ive had a lot. Not played strip pool again…might have to change that in the future! chur

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