This place has been on my to-do list for quite some time now.. let’s check it out!

Me2 @ Home Nightclub (The Terrace Level Only Upstairs)
Assessment Time: 11:20PM – 3:15AM
Opening Hours: Unknown (10:00PM?? – 4:00AM ??)
Lockout: I asked security at 2:30AM if there was a lockout. “What would you like it to be?” is the sly response. Definitely not a lockout.
Address: 101 Wheat Road Darling Harbour, Sydney. Home Nightclub is next to IMAX theatre. BE CAREFUL about entry! Entry to the Terrace is on to the RIGHT of the main entrance. It is NOT the main entrance. I am sure a handful of people have stumbled into the main entrance to find themselves amongst the Sublime crowd. RnB lovers in a trance room. That is an experience I’d like to see.
Venue Website:
Event Website:
Promoter Website: Dynamic Entertainment , Mizuya Entertainment
Occurrence: Every Friday since July 2011
Outside Line: No line outside, just the promoters. After 5 minutes of the door girl desperately trying to find our names, she gave up and let us in anyway after I showed her our confirmation email. It was quite interesting as she had at least 10 pages full of names of 100 names each page, and yet my name wasn’t on there.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Smart casual is encouraged, but there were people (guys AND girls) who came in casual t-shirts / singlets without any issue. Hats, I didn’t see anybody wear, as everyone here had some blown up Asian hairstyle, and when you have a crazy hair style, you don’t want to ruin it by putting on a hat. Nobody likes hat hair.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 full charge. $20 on guestlist.
Guestlist: I sent a guestlist the evening prior, and got confirmation pretty quickly from two different promoters the same night. It was a shame that when we rocked up tonight, our names were NOT on the guestlist. What a shock. Luckily I had my brand new spanking smart phone (which was NOT an iPhone, haha) and showed her the two confirmation emails. She let us in with discounted entry. But seriously, if I didn’t have those emails, I would be pretty upset at this point knowing I’d have to pay $25.Inside: Walk upstairs to the top level to enter the small atrium where you can push ahead into the main room or back room. The main room has a bar on the left manned by 2-3 staff at any time, a door to the outside smoking are and the general dancefloor. The floor can hold a small crowd of about 40-80 people. The DJ is on the far end of this dancefloor, where the walls converge to form a triangle like shape wall. There is a podium for about 4-6 people right in front of the DJ booth. The back room is mostly of lounges to hold two large groups of people of 10-15 each. Small bar as well manned by one person. There is also a smaller lounge room to hold 10 or so people nestled away near the bathrooms.

Cloak Room: $5 for each item, and $2 for re-checks.
Bar Prices / Line: Early in the night its quite easy to get a drink right away, but after around 1AM, there was always going to be a wait of at least 5-10 minutes to get an order in. Southern comfort and Lemonade – $9 each. Agwa Bombs – $12 each (?), 2x Vodka Orange + 2x Vodka Raspberry + 2x Vodka Lemonada – $51. Use the back bar if you can as barely anyone comes here and you can usually order right away or within 5 minutes, but ensure the order in front of you is that of a small one, as it is only manned by one bar staff (a serious bottle neck as we experienced, waiting for an order of 10x Agwa Bombs and 10x shots and 10x mixed drinks to be poured up and served). The main bar, waiting would be between 5-10 minutes during peak.
Bathroom Facilities: They finally removed that annoying broken foot fountain thing in the terrace! Half the time people had no clue how to use it, and the other half of the time at least one of these things were broken. They were replaced with the standard 3x shared washing trough thing. It was a shame that the electric hand dryers were not operating. Everyone walks out with wet hands … gross.
Eviction Count: None spotted, but Marty spotted some guys who were started trouble with the staff the week prior. Definitely stayed away from them.
DJs: Siera, others.
Music Style: Commercial RnB / Top 40 tunes.
Crowd: Pretty much every single person here, except for 2 European girls, was Asian. Out of the Asians, roughly 90% were International travellers from Hong Kong / China or spoke some Chinese dialect. It’s a Chinese crowd. The rest of other people I met were locals here. The local Asians were easily outnumbered.
Ratio: About a 65:35 Male:Female ratio. Earlier in the night it was a pretty even ratio, but it could have been just a fluctuation upon time of count. Though, throughout the peaking part of the night it is definitely heaps more guys than girls.
Entertainment: Tonight’s main promotion was none other than the MC himself, MC Victorious, “returning” after I guess a hiatus. He did a fine job upon his return.
Atmosphere: Upon walking in, it was pretty much dead. We’re talking about 10-15 people in the whole place. Everyone was in the outside smoking area and nobody was inside, besides the bar staff. It was quite worrying as the time was almost midnight and the club usually shows signs of peaking. There was none of that. It slowly picked up more and more people from around midnight, to finally reach supposed peak at around 1:30AM – quite late. Crowd mostly keeps to themselves in their own groups, or they’ve arrived already coupled up. It’s not easy trying to start conversations with people here. EVERYONE is speaking chinese. Literally nobody spoke English in here, except for the MC. They only way to suss it out was to talk to these folk, and find out if they spoke English or not – it turns out some did, but most did not speak it at all.

The club oversees the south end of Cockle Bay wharf, so you do get some sort of sea-breeze, and a nice view of Darling Harbour. The involvement of the crowd jumping to the music was limited to the front portion of the floor, where the podium was. The rest of the patrons were just moving and chatting around. The chill out room was pretty dead most of the night. the lounges supplied would seat anyone who chose to sat down. It’s a place for the non-dancers to go.

Video: Walkthrough / Music Timeline
YouTube Preview Image

Why did it take so long for it to peak?
Why was there nobody here at midnight?? I have a working theory. Imagine you are a person of Hong Kong/Chinese descent having dinner with your fellow Honkers/Chinamen. Your dinner could finish from between 11PM to 1AM. If you finish early, you have an hour or two of Karaoke and drink some Green Tea/Hennessy. Then after someone would yell 让我们去跳舞! (“Let’s go dance!”), and well, Me2 seems to be the default place to go for this crowd.. I think that’s how it is anyway. Someone please explain!

How to blend in with the crowd

A lonely dance
Marty and I had a nice 15 minute dance alone in the main room and nobody, or anybody who saw us in this dead room would immediately walk to the outside room. I bit my tongue during this mini dance session. It bled, but I didn’t die.  

Showing the girls a good time. Fail.
Met some guys who were showing 2 girls from PERTH a good time in Sydney. They chose Me2, and well.. it was only 11:30PM and the place was as dead as my puppy who got run over 2 months ago. The poor unfortunate girls looked so bored, and well actually they all looked bored. One of the guys even said he had come across my site once! Haha, the poor folk, we asked them to dance with us, but they preferred to sit down and not do much for now.

It was so shit at this time, I actually told my other friends who were going to come, to go somewhere else. Well, they did. Some friends they are!! They went to Pontoon and told me afterwards they said it was going off. LOL. I wasn’t leaving though. I’m committed to see the promised peak rush of people come in.

Sexist photographer
If you go out reguarly, you would have experienced sexism before entering a club, or when trying to get served at a bar, but the photographer here – jesus christ he was just photographing with his penis. So it was the empty room of Marty, myself, and a group of girls. He took the photos of girls, and didn’t even want to look at us!! SEXISM! Throughout the night I saw him ask many girls for photos, but not one group of 100% guys. I think this guy was just only half doing his job, and half hitting on girls. Well, I tried to get a photo, but he was such a fast walker I could never get a photo. So, so sexist. I suppose their website needs to promote the number of girls that come here, but not the larger number of guys either. All I have to say is we need more female photographers willing to do the hard yards.

Just dyed my hair blonde. It’s so good. Well I like it anyway. When you dye your hair, you immediately notice other people who have similar hair colour to yourself and you can’t help but compare if you or they are better looking. I reckon I did okay considering it was my first time.

Guy didn’t wanna be winged
This guy was chatting up girls and needed help, I sensed. This is when Super James jumped in and played a good wingman and got my grind on with some girl. Sadly the girls had enough of grinding and went to the TOILET. That excuse never gets old. Anyway, the guy decided to camp outside the toilet waiting for them to come out LOL. If that isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is. I came up to talk casually with him, but you know what he did? He GAVE ME the toilet excuse and walked off. Oh my god! Are you serious?? Getting rejected by a girl hurts, but getting rejected by a guy with the TOILET excuse.. it goes straight to the heart and cuts it into a million shards, sending sharp pulses of pain into my chest.

A friend was waiting for me outside, so I left. The venue was reasonably still busy at this time, as a surprise. Though, there aren’t any new people coming in.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
It’s a Chinese crowd, but the music is still RnB and the MC speaks english so its okay. I would try to sort out a guestlist because $20, let alone $25 is always expensive in my books. The trade off is that the crowd won’t pick up fully until 1AM, so don’t come here earlier than Midnight/12:30, or you will be in for a bit of a surprise, especially if you were gonig to show people from Perth what the Sydney clubbing scene had to offer.

Tonight’s rating – Before 12:15AM – 2/10. After 12:15AM – 6/10

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