A surprise side show announcement by Armin van Buuren. FUUARRRRKKK. Got my tickets and off we go!


An Intimate Night with Armin @ The Metro
Assessment Time: 12:00AM – 3:00AM
Opening Hours: 8:00PM – 3:00AM
Lockout: None
Address: 624 George St. Google Maps:  http://g.co/maps/pn6tg
Venue Website: metrotheatre.com.au
Occurrence: Once off show, which was only announced after his Stereosonic gig the Saturday prior – Sly Dog. 
Outside Line: We got in right away at midnight. 
Dress Code / Door Policy: It’s pretty open, most wore casual tonight. 
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $90 at the door. $80 pre-paid online. 
Inside: It was held in the main theatre
Cloak Room: There may have been one but I didn’t use it. I doubt it. 
Bar Prices / Line: Didnt drink here tonight, I had pre-drinks at Star Bar next door – much more cheaper. 
Music Style: Trance
Crowd: All ages (above 18 of course), all nationaties were here. Mostly 20’s and low 30s crowd. Basically people who aren’t working on Friday, or who don’t give a shit about being a little tired on a Friday morning. 
Entertainment: Some acts prior, but I skipped them. 
Atmosphere: Definitely a packed house – people were forced to party on the stairs (which was a fire hazard but nobody seemed to care). I was on the moshpit and it was pretty rocking but OMG we probably stood in a bad spot right in front of the speakers. Ear plugs I wore only helped a little bit. People were all into the songs, dancing, cheering etc. Wasn’t too hot at all here, just only got warm from all the dancing. 
Video: Music  summary of what I heard tonight.
YouTube Preview Image

Video: The final song played “Burned with Desire” / Armin getting flowers and saying goodbye to the crowd. 
YouTube Preview Image

Pretty much skipped the prior acts- had predrinks before going over at midnight to see the main act. Pretty amazing atmosphere throughout the night. Most of his hits were played, but surprisingly very little from the new Mirage album, probably to satisfy the current fan base. And they were satisfied. No issues with the crowd tonight except for people who think its a great idea to try to push right to the front. Nobody likes that .

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
Only for the fans and general progressive trance fans. It’s definitely much more better up close and personal rather than 100 metres away, outside of a moshpit at Stereosonic.

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