Sunday night. I can’t sleep – I could read a book… or… I CAN GO OUT!! It wasn’t an easy decision to make, believe me. Anyway it wasn’t a long weekend, so I narrowed my choices to either Roxy’s at Parramatta or somewhere in the cross. The cross was easier – so I woke up an unlucky friend out of bed off we went – arriving at the cross Hugo’s seemed to be the only place open tonight, so here we go!


 Sneaky Sundays @ Hugo’s Lounge
Assessment Time: 1:10AM – 2:30AM
Opening Hours: Open throughout early evening to late (closing time unknown)
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 33 Bayswater Road, Kings cross (Upstairs and opposite World Bar/Candy’s Apartment – Don’t confuse this with the entrance to TheClub, which is on street level and in front of Hugo’s Lounge)
Venue Website:
Event Website:
Occurrence: Every Sunday since 1999
Outside Line: No line at arrival
Dress Code / Door Policy: At least smart casual here, lest you be declined entry at the door. If you even wore casual and managed to get in, you would look out-of-place here tonight, so dress your best
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free at the time of arrival.
Guestlist: N/A

Inside: Walk upstairs to get to the outdoor area of the bar. On your far right would be a small bar with 5 or 6 lounges along the wall in between. A bar to your left with more lounges around. The view overlooks the street where you can see people walking around a distance away from where you stand. Walk to the covered part of the bar, where the scene is a bit darker and more club like. Disco laser lights are everywhere in the middle of the dancefloor, as well as a ceiling full of shiny disco balls. It makes for a dazzling experience when you’re in the middle of it. The dancefloor is in the middle to hold 70-90 or so people comfortably/squishily. Bar on the right alongside the DJ. Lounges on the other side where you can also look outside the windows below.
Cloak Room: None
Bar Prices / Line: Had a beer but honestly can’t remember the price. It wasn’t cheap neither expensive. Beverage is happily given in the bottle instead of a plastic cup. There was only one order in front of us at this particular bar. The other bars were pretty quiet as well, so there wouldn’t be trouble getting a drink within a few minutes.
Eviction Count: None. I doubt they remember kicking me and my kleptomaniac friend out 2 years ago (and rightfully so).
DJs: Traditionally the Sneaky Sound System DJ’s played here but I don’t think they play anymore here. Not sure who the DJs were tonight.
Music Style: Disco house would be best to describe it. The tempo was right for a Sunday night – not fast enough for a shuffle, but not slow like an RSL – it was right for a jiggle and a dance when you felt like it.
Crowd & Ratio: It was a bit of a mix – mostly locals here of Anglo-Saxon background, but also some tourists here too just looking for a place for a dance. Spotted two Asian people – turned out they were tourists a well. Ages appeared to be mostly young 20 something year olds. Ratio was around 60/40 men to women tonight.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment.
Atmosphere: Best described as quiet on the outside (OK it was barely happening – anyone could get a lounge to themselves on arrival). Inside the lounge situation was similar, with most patrons on the dancefloor. It was a Sunday night and there weren’t that many people on the dancefloor either. I would say 2 or 3 groups of friends were here as well as some couples. To be honest it was more than I expected considering how dead it was outside on the streets of Kings Cross. That said though, it’s very dark inside the dancefloor and the place does prove that a dark yet classy nightclub can be pulled off.

Video: Music Timeline
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For a Sunday night out in the city you can definitely have a look at this place but don’t expect a big crowd, but expect a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere. For similar alternatives there is also Goldfish lounge down the road but which is a bit smaller and less ‘dancey’.

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