Plans for an impromptu house party fell through, as my friends think calling them at 11:30PM is too short a notice to hold a midnight party – so I went clubbing instead. Got in the car and headed out west along with Marty to Nox – Had no idea what was on tonight but I hoped it would be open. Here we go!

Crowd shot at the front (1:00AM)

Crowd shot at the front (1:00AM)

Tequila Fridays @ Nox Nightclub, Liverpool, Sydney
Assessment Time: 12:15AM – 02:30AM
Opening Hours: 09:00PM- 03:00AM
Lockout: 2:00AM or around there.
Address: 279 Macquarie St, Liverpool, Sydney
Venue Website: None could be found at time of writing
Promoter Website:
Occurrence: Every Friday. Unknown when it started, but it was mentioned that it was a new event. ‘New’ meaning probably the past 2 or 3 months IMO.
Outside Line: None.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Hats are okay. Guys are pretty casual and so are some of the girls. It’s a smart casual affair one could say here. It was quite a chilly night so not many girls showed their bare legs tonight.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 after 11PM. Before 11PM, it is $10. Good value.
Guestlist: Check the Promoter website link for the current email address to send guestlists to.
Inside: Walk to enter the back of the club. It’s a large room with a large bar in the middle taking up about a quarter of the floor space. On the opposite side is the higher stage where DJ and MC hang out. It’s quite a large podium and I suppose it could hold a band here for small concerts. Space between the bar and stage for people to dance around is about 5 metres. On either side of the bar there are lounges along the walls and more space for room for people to dance around. Smoking area is back outside next to the entrance by the street.
Cloak Room: None
Bar Prices / Line: Didn’t drink tonight, but the lines were pretty short. A wait of no longer than 5 minutes.
Eviction Count: Crowd seemed pretty friendly. Some drunk guys were a bit rowdy with the dance but there were keeping it to themselves.
DJs: DJ Don Juan for pretty much most of the time I was here
Music Style: Contemporary Latin American influenced music and commercial RnB. Some foreign language songs from latin America were played too throughout the night. I had no idea what was going on, but the crowd knew the words and sang along. RnB songs I could dance to, but the slower pace of the latin songs later in the night made it a bit more harder to do anything crazy in terms of dancing. Coco the dancer also lends a hand to the bongos that are setup at the front of the stage to add effect.
Crowd & Ratio: It was a mixed crowd – A handful of Africans, Asians, but mostly the crowd tonight is Caucasian/ European and people with Latin American heritage – Ages range from young to people in their 30s. A fair ratio, but most of the hotter chicks were up on stage dancing away.
Entertainment: MC and Coco to keep things lively throughout the proceedings MC does his thing, while Coco dances and reels the girls up onto stage. It is mentioned now that free pizza is given at 9:30PM from the local pizza shop if you rock up early. Stage was open to any girls who wanted to dance. There was also some dancing competitions for prizes.
Atmosphere: In terms of capacity the club was at half. However this doesn’t really matter too much as there are enough people around – most are at the front surrounding the stage. The very nature of latin music gives a friendly vibe anyway and people are dancing and seemingly having fun.. on the dancefloor anyway. It is pretty dark otherwise in the back areas. Comparing to a typical RnB club, it is less sleazy for sure.
Video: Walkthrough and music sample
YouTube Preview Image

Cheating in a dance off
Witnessed a strange dance-off – An African guy vs a Middle Eastern. That wasn’t the strange bit. The African dude is dressed pretty slick, fedora hat and all. He does his moves and wows people around. Then the second guy, dressed in his t-shirt and jeans, pulls some moves and then gets his girlfriend to grinds with her to piss African dude off. Haha. So he pulls out some more moves… and is then rebutted with another solo performance and open grinding with mentioned girl again, right in front of him. THAT IS NOT FAIR.

Constant streaming of girls on stage
Girls are constantly picked by the MC and Coco the dancer to come up and just pretty much flaunt their dance moves. Totally sexist of them to only choose women, but I probably would have done the same. About the half the night here I was just staring at the girls.. hypnotised by the way they dance… while the MC and Coco dance amongst them. Lucky bastards.

It’s all love though – girls of all sizes come up to dance, and to a point even when the MC gave them all tickets to the Bobby Valentino concert.

We left as it was beginning to die down, and the slower paced Latin music wasn’t getting me in the jumpy mood.

A good RnB / Latin alternative on a Friday for the people living out West. Good friendly vibe. The event is still new so hopefully more people will fill this place to capacity.

Tequila Fridays @ Nox Liverpool Sydney – 6.5/10

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    LOL @ the Zumba competition where ALL THE CHICKS COMPETING GOT TOLD for not doing what the instructor told them to do! Hahahah EPIC FAIL!

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