Just over a year ago the default club I would go to for free entry and a dance was Star Bar on George St. Then I got sick of it .. the overheating, the majority of girls not speaking english, slippery floors, and an endless orgy of sleazy guys. A self imposed 12 month ban from Star Bar and its after party venue, Cheers, was made. Well, it has been a year and tonight it was time to come back.. here we go!

Dropping by: Fridays @ Star Bar
– We got in at around after midnight. The dance area is upstairs on the top level , while the  ground and underground levels are more drinking areas with no dancing at all going on
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Free all night
Lockout: None
Closing Time: 3:00AM
Website: http://www.starbar.com.au
Address: 600 George St (Opposite the Event Cinemas complex)
Outside Line: 3 people – the line progresses pretty quickly.
Dress Code / Door Policy: No large groups of guys, Dress neat casual or smart casual. Do not dress daggy. If the bouncers ask if you are on the guestlist, you haven’t met their requirements for entry. Most people are dressed casually or smart casually.
Inside (top level dancefloor): Nothing has changed. The dancefloor holds 200 or so people with surrounding lounges. Podium at the front for the girls and two podiums at the back for the paid dancers. Two bars supply the beverages for the crowd tonight
Cloak Room: None
Music Style: Pop, Top 40. The DJ plays music videos that play on the big screen. There is very minimal layering/mixing , and songs are played for their entire duration.
Crowd & Ratio: A mix of everything. I would say half the crowd is International Asian. The rest consist of Indians, Africans, Caucasians, and some local populace. Many people here are backpackers or travellers who have no idea what is a good place to visit, and plonk into the first free entry place they see on George St, in this case being Star Bar. The ratio was definitely more guys than girls in here, but pretty much all the girls can’t speak English. 
Entertainment: They’ve added professional podium dancers now! I was very impressed with that. They dance at the back to the entertainment of the crowd. 
–  Atmosphere: Pretty busy on the dancefloor. However it does become stuffy on the dancefloor. This combined with the constant spilling of drinks on the floor, the lack of lighting and dominance of guys in here added to the somewhat seedy atmosphere. Nothing has changed.

Slip and Slide

The floor was so wet we were able to slide around and glide without having to lift our feet off the floor. Where were the cleaners? Anyway there aren’t many dirty places where you can do that on a dancefloor, so me and this random guy made the most of it, pretending we were ice skaters.

Spotted her again
Once upon a year or two ago, we saved a girl from the advances of a sleazy guy. She clung onto us and, to be honest, she wasn’t someone I wanted to hang out with, but somehow it happened. I spotted her again tonight, but this time decided not to say hello to her, lest she latch onto me as last time.

Manhandled by a manwhore
I am standing in the back of the dancefloor doing my business, and I felt a hand grab my arm and YANK me out of the way. It could only be a bouncer pushing me out of the way of a fight. Turned around – there was no fight! It was some freaking random Indian dude who just pushed me out of the way so that he could hit on some lucky Asian girl… what the fuck! As he talks to the girls, I marched right in and after a few seconds I ended up dancing with the girls – both simultaneously saving them from creepy guy and giving them a taste of a dance with me. Win-win. Haha. Anyway take that, rude creepy Indian guy! You could see this creepy guy doing the same with other people too later in the night.. ridiculous. Dancefloor Etiquette needs to be part of the school education – no no.. just normal etiquette of walking around a person instead of pushing them would be enough.

More dancing
Let’s play a game of dancing with a girl. So it was done. A girl was found, then one of the guys passed her on to me, and after a song she danced with some other guy. She was pretty drunk.. and at least 40 years old. (This is Star Bar). It turned out she had a boyfriend the whole time. There is no moral to this story.

There are some friendly people, but there are a whole lot more creepy guys. Oh, its free, so there is nothing to lose, except your dignity. Still, definitely give it at least one visit, so you can appreciate what other clubs are like. You might even like it here if this kind of atmosphere excites you.

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