A friend wants to head out tonight to make the most of a somewhat cold Anzac Day Monday.. so here we go!

macquarie hotel

Macquarie Hotel: Bar area - Dancefloor behind the white wall

Easter Monday @ Macquarie Hotel Liverpool Sydney

Assessment Time: 10:30PM – 02:15AM
Opening Hours: It’s open all day until 3AM, but I think the DJ starts at 10PM or earlier
Lockout: No lockout I believe
Address: 269 Liverpool St, Liverpool, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.macquariehotelliverpool.com.au
Promoter Website: Self Promoted event
Occurrence: A once off event for Easter Monday
Outside Line: No line outside. It was like this pretty much the entire night, so its good.
Dress Code / Door Policy: No hats allowed inside. There is no recommendation by promkoters, but the majority here are wearing casual clothing – t-shirts, jeans, hoodie jackets. Guys wearing t-shirts, and girls wearing simple dresses tonight.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free entry all night
Inside: Walk inside past the gaming area (and secondary bar) to enter a large room split into two areas. “Open air” Smoking dancefloor at the front to hold 120 people or so. DJ out at front and bar at the back, where you stand.
Cloak Room: No cloak room tonight
Bar Prices / Line: $11 for a can of Smirnoff Double Black. $5 for a glass of house red wine (it was pretty bitter). Early and later in the night there isn’t much of a line, but during peak time the line is about 4 people deep – so approximately a wait of 15 minutes, but I didn’t even try – just head over to the other side in the gaming lounge where the smaller secondary bar is – there are usually fewer people so you may have a chance of getting your drinks sooner – however the choice is more limited here. BUT… they did give out free pastries and pies from the kitchen. We helped ourselves to a handful of these delicious goodies to go with whatever you are drinking. It took us a good 2 minutes to convince a group of girls nearby that the pies were, indeed, free.
Eviction Count: None that I saw. Crowd looked well-behaved tonight anyways.
Music Style: From the start to about 1:30 it was primarily commercial RnB with the house mashup song thrown in. 1:30-2:00AM it was very trancey with some rock song remixes thrown in, just to mix it up. The crowd didn’t seem very receptive to the unknown trance songs (no vocals), and the rock songs such as Kings of Leon, were so-so. From 2:00AM until close, it was pretty much entirely American hip hop / rap / West Coast, whatever you wish to call it. I’m familiar with the songs and dance to it but friends are not familiar with these songs.
Crowd & Ratio: Initially composed of visitors who were here earlier in the day, the ratio is 50/50 Asian and European/Middle Eastern guys here. Ages varied wildly between early 20’s to late 40’s. I am pretty sure I saw a woman here who was at least 40 or 50 – probably here for a birthday. However don’t be surprised if you see a much older crowd here. Mostly though, the crowd would be in their 20’s. Ratio wise, I would be saying 65%:35% at its best during peak.
Entertainment: An MC to keep things going. I must note he was pretty good at his freestyling and keeping the crowd alive. I might have just probably paid more attention tonight to him, but MCing isn’t an easy job, that is for sure.
Atmosphere: 10:30-11:00PM it was still building up, so not much dancing to be had, but by the time 11:00PM came around, the dance floor was pretty busy, but you could always find yourself some space to dance around – we found a spot at the front and danced our merry way without much problem. Again the front here is considered an open area, because of the open roof (which was pretty much closed due to the rain), and so smoking was more than welcome here. I dislike cigarette smoke muchly, but such is the venue. To alleviate the smoke smell as well as possible overheating issues, mists of water are sprayed down on the crowd occasionally, which is pretty cool (ha!)
Video: Walkthrough and music montage
YouTube Preview Image

I ate a shitload of those finger foods. It was great because nothing else was open at this time on a Monday night, and I swear I was hungrier than an Ethiopian. Selfish? I thought so too, but when nobody touches the plate after 10 minutes, you need to do your solemn duty, and DEVOUR IT before they have to throw away that good food.


Pies at macquarie hotel

Pies on the house

The turn out

I think in general it wasn’t going off as it does on the weekend, but for a Monday night it is quite the extraordinary turn out I must admit. It also helped that there was no event going on at Nox nightclub down the road; all locals have to come here.

Western Sydney is awesome
I met someone who was from Adelaide – she said tonight was better than ANY club in Adelaide! Are you kidding me? That’s hilarious, to have this nightclub an hour away from the city bigger than anything in Adelaide – but I have to see it for myself. I think a trip to Adelaide is in order …

Left at 2:00AM. Friends looked a bit tired and aren’t fans of the West Coast Rap music. (I personally like it)

It was alright during its peak time, but I wasn’t too excited. A once off so no score given.

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  1. Dude, thanks for the review.

    CORRECTION: it was not a PURE special event.

    The event was organised by Clique Events.

    Many thanks.


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