Just walking back from watching the Mardi Gras.. and out of the corner of my eye I spotted – flashing lights!! It’s a dancefloor just above the pub/bar named Strattons Hotel, so against the will of my friends I dragged them over here .. here we go!

Crowd - strattons Hotel

Crowd - Strattons Hotel

Dropping by: Mardi Gras Saturday @ Strattons Hotel
Assessment Time: 11:35PM – 11:50PM
Opening Hours: Unknown
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 249 Castlereagh St, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.strattonshotel.com.au
Promoter Website: This was self promoted
Occurrence: Unsure, it may be either a weekly or a monthly event.
Outside Line: No line outside.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Anything goes. People were coming from Mardi Gras dressed up and were allowed to the downstairs pub area. It is assumed that they were also allowed to go upstairs to the dance level
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night
Guestlist: None required
Inside: The Hotel is a two level affair where downstairs is a normal regular pub. Upstairs is where you want your dance fix – the flight of stairs to the right of the bar lead you to a carpeted room which is probably a dining area during the day. On the left corner is the DJ, the dancefloor area in front of the DJ to hold 20-30 people. There rest of the room is dotted with chairs, stools and tables. It’s like the dance party at the end of the wedding, but its instead very dark.
Cloak Room: None
Bar Prices / Line: Didn’t drink here tonight.
Music Style: Commercial House during the time I was here.
Crowd & Ratio: Besides us, it was an entirely young and caucasian crowd. this reflected in the patronage in the pub downstairs, where everyone was also Caucasian but of mixed ages.. About 50/50 but it varied wildly due to the small number of people upstairs. Probably at most 10 people were up here at the same timme.
Entertainment: None
Atmosphere: Pretty empty most of the time. It was dark as well, so it was okay to go up and dance without being judged too much. Otherwise… wasn’t feeling it. The DJ set was on a set of foldable tables – it was very low key here tonight. 
Video: 360 of the dancefloor
YouTube Preview Image

As you can tell we were only here for 15 minutes, and we left for Shark Hotel around the corner, which was amazingly packed. I could have stayed more just because I liked the music being plaeyd, but my RnB lover friends were keen to go.

I can’t really recommend this place for a club experience – but for a easy house fix this would barely suffice – as you heard M say in the video, it did have the private party kind of feel – I suppose this area was just an extra service for the patrons downstairs, as they were not really promoting the upstairs dance event at all.

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