I was out tonight, and I didn’t have a job to go to tomorrow… I needed my dance fix – everything in the south CBD was pretty dead.. except for one place …. dirty old Side Bar.. here we go!

Mondays @ Side Bar
Assessment Time: 12:30AM – 01:45AM 
Opening Hours: Early in the day – 03:00AM 
Lockout: None 
Address: Right next to Central station on the corner of Pitt and George St. 
Venue Website: http://www.wakeup.com.au
Promoter Website: Self Promoted
Occurrence: Every night.
Outside Line: Upon arrival there were about 3 people in front of me, we were all let in very quickly. 
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual ok, any costumes were “probably” ok (there are themed nights here) but tonight everybody was just wearing their casual clothing, or smart casual. 
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: None
Inside: The Bar/Club is situated beneath ground level. Enter and walk down the stairs to enter the square floor area with large bar in the middle. On the right are probably around 12 lounges along the wall. Along the back are arcade games and a pool table. To the left is the cleared out dancefloor area, Small overhead room due to the underground nature, with the DJ in the far left corner. The dancefloor side can hold approximately 100 people.  
Cloak Room: None. I was forced to leave my laptop bag on a sofa. I came back to it half an hour later and found that someone had opened my bag had been left the zips open. Oh fuck!! I looked inside my bag, but nothing was stolen… this shit happens all the time to me.
Bar Prices / Line: The line was 1 or 2 people deep, but prices unknown as I didn’t drink tonight.
DJs: Unknown
Music Style: Indie, House, Pop, Rnb – whatever the crowd is into
Crowd & Ratio: Pretty much almost everyone here is a backpacker, while the local population are less than a handful. Most are Anglo-Saxon but there are also Asians, and Africans. Age range from 18 to low 30’s. Pretty friendly vibe here.
Entertainment: Nil
Atmosphere: The first thing I noticed was that it was as packed or more than Friday nights here, which is pretty amazing. People are everywhere, drinking, dancing, making out, etc. This is where everybody in the city went. It can get crowded and overheated near the DJ corner. The floor also has a thin layer of liquid comprised of the spilled drinks that patrons have clumsily held. As mentioned, its a pretty much party vibe here throughout the night, whether or whether not the people know half the songs being played.


Can I borrow your hat?
The age old question for the hat wearers in the club which is complimentary yet annoying- For the non-hatters, you need to understand  – when someone asks you to borrow your hat, some things can happen to the person asking to borrow your hat (the “Enemy”):
– You end up chasing the Enemy around after they swipe it off your hat without your permission
– Enemy breaking your hat,
– Enemy walking outside of the club with your hat on, either on purpose or not on purpose
– Enemy giving it to someone else random, who ends up stealing it
– Enemy accidentally drops it on the ground and ruining it with dirt, or whatever gunk is on the floor. 
Well, dearest reader, did you know all the above has happened to me? So when this one guy asked me if they could borrow my hat, the answer was pretty simple:

Me: “No, its my hat”
Enemy: “Cmon, just for two seconds? I promise I won’t steal it”
Me: “Nahhhhh”
Enemy: “C’mon!!! Just two seconds”
Me: Nahhhhh
Enemy: Please??
Me: Fine.
He puts on his hat and is invigorated and dances around in a circle. I’ve got my eye on him. After 2 seconds he asks me:
Enemy: Can I keep the hat?
Me: No. 
Enemy: C’mon!!!
Me: Nahhh
(I take my hat back and put it back on myself)
Enemy: If you don’t give me the hat, I am going to punch you in the face. I promise by the end of the night your hat will be mine. 
(James exits)

OK, did he really want my had that badly to fight for it? Seriously? It’s just one of those hats that Bruno Mars wears. Buy one yourself if you want one. You wouldn’t punch a guy out if you liked his car, nor would a girl cat fight another girl for her shoes. what kind of world would that be? A sad one. People who directly threaten violence upon others for a hat have no lives.

Dance off
There were some professional dancers here as well and they showed off their moves which was cool. I should take up dance lessons again.

I pretty much just left the place after the hat incident. 

There really isn’t any other Monday night choice that I can think of when it comes to clubbing on Monday nights in Sydney. It’s free entry, so why not give it a try for a dance or to meet new people I say. Be prepared for a dirty experience, so wear not-your-best-clothes.

Scary Canary (another backpacker joint) could be a contender but I haven’t been. Do comment if there are other events on.

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2 Responses to Mondays @ Side Bar (Wake Up!) Sydney: 31st January 2011

  1. Annie says:

    Well, I guess people these days are struggling with the current economy and can’t afford to buy their own hat. That or he must have really loved your hat and really loathes shopping. I mean, shouldn’t it be obvious if he’s willing to have a punch out for it?

    Anyway, do you go to these places with the same bunch of people or do you go alone? I want in! :O Jk!

    • James says:

      Desperate times calls for desperate measures I suppose!

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but currently I would be with at least M or whoever is available, otherwise I’ll just head out myself.

      In the end, I do it for the love of music. :)

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