A friend wouldnt mind going to Bondi Beach. I heard of a Hotel that goes off down there, so let’s go down! Well, we did find a Hotel, but there was no dancefloor. It was just a classy pub with lots of people drinking.  (12/01/2011: This was the wrong Hotel – we were meant to go to Beach Road Hotel, which is the place to be before it’s early closing time)

But look across the road, for a mysterious place called “Thru the grapevine” is found. A local has told us this is where White Revolver is. I read an article that it was extremely difficult to get in! I have M, and 2 chicks with me. They are pretty good looking, but would it be enough? We are immediately let in past security without question Ok, here we go!

Standing by the wall of White Revolver

A small wall in the chillout room. That's a spare door on the left for dramatic effect

Fridays @ White Revolver Nightclub, Bondi Beach, Sydney
Assessment Time:12:30AM-01:15AM
Opening Hours: Unknown
Lockout: Unknown
Address: Entrance is in the side road through the “Thru the Grapevine”. There is no signage indicating that there was a club named White Revolver inside. From the outside, it just looks like a very small chillout bar, with a blue light highlighting the open room. Kind of like looking into a small house party.
Venue Website:
Promoter Website: Self Promoted
Occurrence: Every weekend.
Outside Line: No line outside as we approached.
Dress Code / Door Policy: When we were told this place was White Revolver, Instantly my memory recalls reading an article of a reporter getting into White Revolver’s underground club only by having two hot chicks by his side (Inside sydney’s secret nightclubs: Link). My fears of a classy snotty crowd run through my mind.Casual is allowed. We were all wearing pretty casual clothing. I had a collared shirt. M had a t-shirt on with big bright white basketball-like sneakers. (It appears that White Revolver has undergone some transformations/renovations since the aforementioned article, allowing more casual patrons inside the unique venue)
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $10 flat entry fee all night
Guestlist: no
Inside: Walk inside the door through to the blue-light lit drinking / smoking area for 15 or so people. Turn left through the door frame into the bar area – about triple the size of the blue-lit area. It’s a dark bar with lounges/seating at the back. Turn left again through another door frame into the dancefloor to hold roughly 50 or so patrons. It’s in a kind of wide wedge shape, with the DJ in the pointy corner bit of it. See walkthrough video below for an idea on what’s up. The whole place looks like it’s from a time bygone, with various furnishings and furniture items from an old period. The website says it has a 1920’s feel to it.
Cloak Room: none
Bar Prices / Line: I didn’t drink tonight, but it was quite easy to get a drink. Either no line or one person in front of you ordering something.
DJs: Unknown
Music Style: Classic retro remixed in a house fashion, then later after 1AM they played much more RnB. It may have been a DJ changeover, I do not know. Listen to the short music sample I took below.
Music Sample Compilation Video: (My first time doing this – its to give you a better indication of what music to expect)
YouTube Preview Image
Crowd & Ratio: Mostly older, local Australian crowd. Aged from late 20’s and above. The ratio was pretty even here.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment.
Atmosphere: In the dancefloor area, the place was pretty dark, and first impressions were that it was pretty warm, physically. Then it was pretty dark. Like this is the kind of dark that is just enough light to see the other person you are making out with. . We ended up hanging out near the 2 reverse cycle air-conditioners that were installed at one wall. There was also a fan here blowing warm air. On the other side of the club, there was no such devices to help cool you down. Guys are making out with girls here non stop inside thanks to the dark nature of the club. Yup, its this kind of relaxed club. People are allowed to dance with drinks in their hand.
Walkthrough Video: With captions!
YouTube Preview Image

Picked a spot close to the DJ to dance. People are freely dancing and drinking. Suddenly a girl pukes standing up in the small corner. The same corner to which I have placed my jacket. Oh f*ck!! Ran to the area, and thankfully, she was controlled enough to spew next to my jacket instead of all over it. I moved my jacket and myself to the other side of the room, after thanking the clubbing gods for sparing my jacket.

DJ corner

DJ corner at White Revolver

Ass pinch
A really catchy song came on and I danced merrily. A girl came up and pinched my hard really hard. Totally not obvious. Turn around. She’s with her boyfriend, who is wondering why she just did that. Yes, why did you?

A female friend of ours didnt like this place at all and we left at 01:15AM. I liked it because it was different from what I was used to.

Our female friend found it too hot inside and loud. She was wearing a pretty nice dress as opposed to everyone else who was dressed down, Bondi style. I liked it though. However I’m a guy, and I was wearing earplugs, and I get off visiting new dance venues. I would have stayed longer, but I would agree that I probably would have gotten tired of the very small dancefloor and would have overheated multiple times. I would expect to emerge from this place with a sweat-soaked shirt if I stayed here all night.

Only was here for a short time, so I can’t really rate it. It’s not on top of my list to revisit in the future with friends. Some may not like the small dance part of it all. However if you wanted a clubbing fix in Bondi Beach after midnight, this is really the only open you can visit. I could see myeslf getting sick of this place if I only came here to dance. However I probably wouldn’t get sick of the friendly people who come here. You are either going to love it or hate it.


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