Sadly, all my friends who I know are out, are going to Space Nightclub tonight for the SocialRice white party tonight, as it is touted as the ‘only’ Asian RnB clubbing event tonight. I couldn’t prove them wrong, but oh, why did the clubbing gods choose Space? Who knows. Well its a dress up party, and I like putting on a costume. I’m honestly too tired to bring out Gandalf / Jesus, so I’ll just wear some white clothes and a white wig, then dance my merry heart tonight away! Here we go!


With a random clubber also wearing white!!

NYD 2011 White Party @ Space Nightclub / Space Superclub Sydney
I think Space “Superclub” is just a moniker the promoters have coined for the venue. You don’t see the larger Home Nightclub or Tank Nightclubs labelling themselves a “Superclub”. It kind of makes me sick whenever I see the word ‘superclub’ used, but that’s me.  I am going to start using the word Super for the next few weeks in my conversations, and see if it makes my friends excited for no reason.

Assessment Time: 11:00PMish – 03:15AM
Opening Hours: 10:00PM – 04:00AM
Lockout: No lockout
Address: Level 2, 179 Liverpool St Sydney
Venue Website:
Promoter Website: Organised and promoted by ; Also promoted by
Occurrence: One off event.
Outside Line: Probably 30-40 people in front of me. Lining up was probably 15-20 minutes.
Dress Code / Door Policy: White is encouraged. So much so even singlets and shorts are allowed tonight. As a result it’s a very casual white affair. Of course, there were a substantial number of people who either didn’t dress up in theme or didn’t know about it, or possessed no white clothing whatsoever in their wardrobe.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: I paid $25 full entry. It didn’t help knowing one of the head promoters – even James has gotta pay sometimes.
Guestlist: See websites for details.
Inside: Typical nights have both rooms open. Tonight though, only the main room is open. The secondary room, which you walk upstairs into, has chairs and lounges dotted along the dancefloor to prevent any form of dancing here. Bar in the middle to serve both sides of the divider wall separating the rooms. You can only use this room as thoroughfare or a place to chat. Walk into the other side of the divider wall to enter the main room. Tonight, the curtain has been used. The curtain, being about 3/4th’s of the way back, is stretched across to give the room a smaller cosier feel and to put the people closer. On the other side of the wall there is nobody at all. On the dancefloor itself there is now room left for about 200-300 people, still quite some space compared to other venues. Lounges dot the sides of the walls and the inside of the back curtain.
Cloak Room: I can’t exactly remember, but I’m pretty sure it was $5 per item
Bar Prices / Line: I didn’t drink tonight. I already had enough drinks the past few days. The line looked about 2 orders deep. Water is free on the side.
DJs: Edo, Mike Hyper, D-Kutz, Kai Ming
Music Style: Dominantly RnB, with some house mashup. I think the DJ’s did good tonight keeping the crowd along, but I wasn’t paying too much attention tonight to the music.
Crowd & Ratio: Asians galore. Pretty much everyone here was Asian. It was an even mix of Asian Australian and Asian International Students. Crowd age was 20’s and early 30’s. Hell, even my 20 year old brother came here tonight with his friends, albeit at 2:30AM. I think he purposely avoids trying to go to the same nightclubs as me but tonight he had no choice.
Entertainment: MC Victorious. “Snow Machine” is promoted as being deployed. It’s not really snow, more soapy blobs of things that disappear/evaporate. The same ones they used at Festival First Night at Hyde Park. UV lights as well to show off your white attire in the dark. There are also three rectangular podiums. One on each side and one in front of the stage.
Atmosphere: Within the room itself, as it was pretty much shrunk in size, felt pretty busy throughout the night. Close to the front there were times earlier where it was dead, but at around midnight-peak time there were plenty of people. Some people were friendly, and some kept to themselves.

Science hates me
A large tray of glasses sits on the edge of the table. I pick up a glass at the edge, which for some reason, has shifted the centre of gravity shifts off away from the table over the edge. The entire thing collapses and a big CRASH noise follows. Oh my god, what have I done. I just wanted some water. The bartender turns around and looks at me. I try to explain that “it just fell down by itself”. Really, is that the best I could do? “The thing just fell down by itself”. Hahaha what a joke, but it was true. He didn’t believe me and gave me the most evil of evil eyes and kept serving. Half ignoring me, half expecting me to jump over the bar and pick up the glasses. I would if I could. I’m sorry. It just seriously fell down after I picked up ONE GLASS.

Two guys who don’t know the word chicken
Met two shuffling dudes on the dancefloor from Korea or Japan. One of those countries. We dance like idiots, and then they go up to dance on the podium. Everyone is cheering them on. They are madly grinding each other and going very gay with each other, without being gay. Just the rest of the antics, and its quite gusty. They want me to join in a 3-man-sandwich. Oh, tempting, but I might pass this time – their t-shirts were already drenched in sweat. Nice.

You only got one fan, you only got one fan.
Due to the nature of the smaller dancefloor area, people are naturally forced closer together to create a packed atmosphere tonight. This leads to the place getting pretty warm, and the default air conditioning system failing to keep up with the heat generated by the crowd. Multiple times I am forced to flee to the other side of the divider wall to the refuge of the sole large fan from the ceiling.

Dancing up on the podium
I have been moping to the detriment of my friends for the past few days after becoming single. I needed something to help me get over this tormentuous feeling. Something to fill this hole left behind. Something to hold it all together before my next love comes along. Yes! Music and dance will fill that void ! So I climbed up onto the podium and did the starjumps. The view from the podium is pretty crazy – there are just people packed into the dance area enclosed by the 3 podiums. I have a group of girls staring at me doing my exercise. Oh hey, you have boyfriends. That’s a shame. Watch  me exercise anyway! They cannot keep their eyes off me. I turn around, and everyone is just staring at me thinking, ‘this guy is a nutbag’. I start to feel better knowing this.

Conga Line / Train!
I saw 5 people with their hands on each others shoulders. Joined in, but the front didn’t want to move and then they stopped. Boo!!!

So I took matters in my own hands. I grabbed one of the Korean/Japanese dancers I met earlier that night and told him to move! I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him through the crowd, cheering and dancing away. I grabbed some people to hold onto me and the ever growing train. Finally the line grew to about 15-20 people, just bobbing around the dancefloor in a circle – haha that is the ultimate dance move. Anyway the MC was like “what is happening!”. Cool man. Well, there wasn’t much else to do after 2 laps of the dancefloor so the train sadly stopped.

It became a bit of a sausage fest so we left at 03:15AM

A once off white party event where people enjoyed themselves and are in the festive mood. I met a lot of friends again tonight and wished all of them a happy new years. The “snow machine” added to the effect. I was just a bit upset at the $25 cover charge when only one room was open. Tonight was my brother’s first time at Space and he thought it was pretty cool. So there is your 20 year old recommendation.. Wait until he sees it when it’s at full capacity with nowhere to dance.

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