Took a break from Primary venue Sienna @ Establishment tonight to visit Brooklyn Hotel. It was dead, so I decided to came here.

Shameful, that I keep returning to this place.  I can’t help it – its free. I am surprised though, that the upstairs club floor is actually packed! It really must be schoolies.. the poor kids.

Here’s a video of upstairs:

YouTube Preview Image

01:45AM-02:30AM – Getting the party started! (by M, who was with me tonight) 
James decides we should see what’s happening down at Jackson’s on George nearby. So we march on over there. At ground level there’s not a lot going on. Mostly it is an older crowd here, who only came for a few quiet beers. The DJ is in an isolated corner going solo, since hardly anyone is dancing to his tunes. James marches right up there and struts his stuff. I jump up there and together we increase the dancing population at Jackson’s to a grand total of 2. People downstairs stare with amusement at the spectacle. Eventually we are noticed by a middle aged woman whom I suspect has grown bored of nursing her drink all night with her equally middle aged mates and she slowly sidles over to our corner where we are dancing and joins us. She then encourages her friends to join us. They filter in one by one here and there. Before long, the small space at the DJ stand is packed with life and epic dancing. Ground level at Jackson’s on George has never seen anything like it. We leave our new friends for a moment to see what’s happening upstairs. We are surprised to see it is quite populated and not what we have come to expect each time we have visited Jackson’s. The DJ is playing House, trance and Electro and laying it down nicely. The ventilation is poor up here though and it is noticeably more humid than downstairs. We leave because the heat became uncomfortable in a hurry. We exit Jackson’s and go back to Sienna at Establishment. James looks back as we are leaving and sees a dismayed crowd staring after us, sorry to see us go!

03:00AM-04:00AM – The return (by M) 
When we return to Jackson’s on George, the small crowd is seen excitedly cheering as we enter! A hero’s welcome if there ever was one! They motion us over to their little circle and we dance and bask in our collective awesomeness. The DJ is playing the most bizarre assortment of hits in any club ever. At one point John Farnham’s “The Voice” was heard; and Prince’s “Kiss” among a string of other tunes from the crazy 80’s. We all sing along and jam on our air guitars and go spastic just cause we can.

Fan Club
Fan Club at Jacksons on george

The Student
A woman wanted me to teach her to dance. Then she wanted me to copy another couple dancing. The couple weren’t dancing – they were making out. Um, no thank you 🙂 Been there done that!

Evil security
Security were literally hovering at the dancefloor. Any sign of drunkedness people were kicked out. Fun factor killed, but I guess it is for the safety for the 5 or so other people down here.

Left when everybody got kicked out for being drunk

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