Took a break from the primary event tonight Sienna @ Establishment. Noticed that there was no longer  a cash register at Brooklyn Hotel – It appears the 40/40 event is no longer, and Brooklyn Hotel was back to its former self, well on Saturdays anyway. (Fridays is still the Shanghai Nights event run by Urban Agent). So lets have a lookie!

Verdict (Assessment time: 1:30AM)
It was worse than it was before. Only the main room has a DJ, while the back courtyard area is pure chillout with no house DJ as it used to be. The Islanders make the majority of the crowd here, which was pretty much the same before the 40/40 cover charge period.

The place was pretty sparse as well – no more than 20 on the dancefloor tonight at this time.

Really dodgy walkthrough Video:
YouTube Preview Image

Left after about 10 minutes here.

It’s free entry so why not check it out while going by? I wouldn’t spend a night here though.. yet.

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