Deciding between Establishment or O2 – We are all pretty indecisive. None of us have been to either place and, well, I was calling the venue tonight. A friend’s mobile rings and her ringtone is a hip hop song.  Haha, well… O2 it is then… here we go!

Dancefloor under UV light - O2 Nightclub Sydney

Dancefloor under UV light - O2 Nightclub Sydney

Oxygen Saturdays @ O2 Nightclub Sydney
Assessment Time: 11:15PM – 04:00AM
Opening Hours: 9:00PM – 5:00AM
Lockout: None. I had a friend enter freely at 3:00AM
Address: 247 Pitt St, Sydney. There are no clear visible signs to get to the door. Enter the mall via the “Coolabar” sign – there might be a red carpet and standing poster to point users to the O2 nightclub. Head up two sets of escalators to reach level two, where O2 nightclub resides, opposite Coolabar itself. It is also where the Monorail station is located. Bear in mind that O2 and Coolabar are two separate venues on the same level.
Venue Website:
Promoter Website:
Occurrence: Every Saturday night.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual is ok. hats are ok. On the door it was stated that “absolutely no Sports Gear allowed”, because this is the place where NRL players head to go clubbing after a big match, right? Right? (the answer is no). Tonight’s theme is a White Party. Most girls wore casual dresses. A lot of the guys here were dressed in urban street gear, complete with hats and sometimes even sunglasses. I saw a T-Pain lookalike in here, you get a glimpse of him on the dancefloor walkthrough video. I really should have research before coming here tonight – Gandalf the white would have made an easy return, but I guess not tonight.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Guestlist pricing unknown. $25 full cover charge. $20 if you were wearing white.  My friend got in at 3AM for free after waiting a few moments for the door girl to pack up to go home. That’s an asian for you.
Inside: Walk inside to the main room on the right and the bar/lounge on the left. Bar on the left spans half the length of the venue. Around the corner near the bar are lounges / bathroom / cloak room / chill out area for 40 or so people. Back to the dancefloor, the DJ takes one corner of the wooden floor to hold about 100-140 people. There is also an upper area with a second bar – this can be reserved for special functions, and has a dancing pole and dancefloor for 20-30 people. The dance area is bathed in UV light.
Cloak Room: Cloak room services offered but it was full tonight. FULL AT 11.15PM. Ridiculous. People are putting their belongings on tables and stools nearby and hope for the best. We left our jackets behind one of the speakers on the dancefloor. At the end of the night, my jacket was covered in someone’s spilled drink. Sigh.
Bar Prices / Line: $4 for an Orange Juice. (yes, I was not drinking tonight) . Fishbowl size drinks are offered at the bar and many people are buying them.
DJs: No idea.
Music Style: Most of the songs tonight were of RnB, but this place was heavily guilty of playing Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” at least 3 times during the night. Utterly sick of that song to death now. Otherwise there were some hip hop/rap songs thrown into the mix later in the night after 1AM. There was also some house songs thrown in for mashup.
Crowd: From 11-1.30ish, it was a mixed crowd. The two main groups were Euros and Africans. There were a handful of Asians, but we were the main Asian group in here. After 1.30am, most of the white crowd had left and more of the Africans came in. Hard to tell the age of the crowd, but there was a Hen’s night here, and some older looking folk, so the crowd would be ranging from their early 20’s to early 30’s.
Entertainment: an MC to keep things going. Tonight was a white theme, so there were white balloons dotted around the place.
Atmosphere: On the dancefloor and upper level, it was pretty busy throughout the night. Not packed, but busy enough to not be able to dance freely. On the other side though, the lounge was never really full at all – you could usually find a lounge seat to rest on. When we left, the main dancefloor was still going at about 70 per cent capacity, which is very good for any place. Throughout the whole night it was pretty cool temperature wise – only one or two moments where I felt a little warm after some vigorous dancing – you could however escape to another area of the club to cool down. People mostly kept to themselves except if you knew other people here.
Video: 360 of the dancefloor
YouTube Preview Image

Video: Walkthrough – Bar, Lounge, back to the main dancefloor. You can sort of spot the VIP area where the white balloons are.  Taken 11PM, so still early days.
YouTube Preview Image
Not what I thought it would be
I had some pre-conceived ideas that this place would be entirely Hip Hop music, as well as dominated by Africans here. Actually, it was mostly RnB as of a typical contemporary club, and on top of this, it was a good mixed crowd in the beginning. It wasn’t entirely Africans in here. The white clothing worn by everyone gave this place a brighter feel. I would have probably been a bit more apprehensive seeing a lot of these guys in their normal dark urban wear. anyway I remembered who the promoters were- These were the same promoters who held the old RnB nights at The Bank Nightclub before moving shop to here. This pretty much ensured that the music side of things were covered well. It also explained the current melting pot of tonight’s crowd – it was exactly the same crowd as we experienced at The Bank that particular night, down to the point where later in the night the crowd mix changed to a dominantly black one.

The openly free dancer
Tonight there was this open or really drunk girl. She danced with boys, girls, anyone really. Short attention span. Rejected advances of many men. At one point she was dancing with this big white dude and pushed him away, and of course they kiss. Then he is pushed away to be approached by 3 big black guys instead. They surround her. Like seriously these 3 black guys surrounded her and each have a go at making out with her. Pretty funny. She was all for it, but eventually pushes them away and continues dancing. Then she dances with our female friend and managed to grope our friend’s boob! Hahaha our friend didn’t swing that way, and was not impressed at all. Damn. I’m pretty sure half the guys in the club assumed she was drunk and hit on her. This included my dance buddy M haha. I’m also pretty sure she hit on half the girls in the club by just jumping in and going for the whole grinding thing.

The girls
Most were here to meet black men. Admit it. I would talk to some, but nothing stuck. Then some black dude came along and the said girl is all over them. I wasn’t surprised, I mean, what else did I expect coming here?

People are actually in white
The last ‘White’ party I went to was at Bamboo, and in terms of people dressed in white, it pretty much failed. Here tonight though, almost everyone was in white. Agh! I feel so left out. Don’t trust Asians to dress up in theme.

.. but there is such thing as a free cake!
So after about 2AM there was no more guy guarding VIP area, and we walked in. Actually the guy guarding it came back right after we got in. So we technically snuck in. Hmm. But anyways, there was a plate of about 100 chocolate chip cupcakes sitting on the table uneaten all night. I, as an Asian, had to do my duty. So I ate these things all night. Pretty delicious. I forgot to ask for a doggy bag. The VIP area in itself was nice – we could actually dance here freely while still being able to oversee the main dancefloor. There was also an easy access lounge and dancing pole if need be.

I waited 3 hours for this cake

Free choc chip cupcakes!! Friend thought it was disgusting. Do you think I care?

Left at 4AM, just to being tired. I can’t believe people were still in here when we left.

If you don’t mind hanging out with Africans and want a cooler change of atmosphere, with the same rnb music you expect from the other clubs, then do check it out. I was a little apprehensive at first but its not as bad as I thought. Cloak room needs more space as well. A wet jacket didn’t bode well for me. Do come with friends, as people tend to keep to their own in here, I think.

Oxygen O2 Saturdays @ O2 Nightclub Sydney – 7/10


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6 Responses to Oxygen @ O2 Nightclub – Saturday 18th September 2010

  1. dr_stoopid says:

    HAHA That drunk girl brought her own champagne in a water bottle! She had it stowed away in her handbag and they didn’t even search her. Security is a little bit lax but then there weren’t any fights either…

    I was laughing so hard when I saw her pinned between those three guys!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i saw da sequrity fight wid alot of people.they shouldn’t be sequrity. Cz they have pig mind.and They think like Pig.i saw every week they fighting wid many people .They Don’t have self control. they do shite all da time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bonny says:

    So it confirms what i always thought…Asians dont really like black people! Anyways, good review.

  4. uv whore says:

    Um, I think you’re a little racist – why do you keep referring to yourself as Asian and africans and making a point of it? Asian / whatever…. everyone likes cake….. try and look beyond peoples race hey….

    • james says:

      i’ll be more tactful in future posts. It is about the music for me, but there are others who read the website who want to know a better breakdown of what they will expect in a nightclub. Thanks for the comment

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