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A drop by here on urging from a friend . an unintentional visit, but I suppose we can go see what its like!

Ivy Bar Dancing Girls

Ivy Bar Dancing Girls

Pureivy Saturdays @ Ivy Bar Sydney
Assessment Time: 11:00AM – 01:15AM
Opening Hours: 6PM – “Late”. Late being at least 3AM
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 320 George St, Sydney
Venue Website:
Promoter Website:,
Occurrence: Every Saturday
Dress Code / Door Policy: Collared shirts are expected with a tidy appearance. Girls are very neat and beautiful. Guys are similarly dressed very well in here. You probably would call this place pretentious.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20 flat entry charge. On guestlist, it is $15 before 11PM
Inside: Line up at the back lane entrance behind George St. Two ways to enter, via the stairs to Level 1 or via the Elevators to the level 2 area. If going up via the stairs, you walk up to be presented with the bar on the left, restaurant and lounges on the right. In the middle of the courtyard is the dancing area for about 70-80 people with DJ above the water feature in front. Garden plants are spotted around the open area. Lounges and second bar in the far right corner. Walk up the spiral staircase to a bar, and more lounges in a one way walkway pattern around the perimeter of the building. From Level 2 you can peer down the middle to the bottom level. The decor is of someone’s clean backyard with colours of white and yellow throughout
Cloak Room: No cloak room services
Bar Prices: I didn’t drink tonight, but I overheard from a girl buying drinks that upstairs is more expensive than downstairs. Friend bought two drinks which cost him around $26 downstairs. This place is not cheap.
DJs: Resident night – Minx, Tass
Music Style: Popular songs mixed in a electro house/ house manner. The tempo is not too fast, and the DJ has a saxophone player and bongo drum player for support. It’s pretty similar to what one gets at Cargo Bar or Bungalow 8. It’s a safe music style.
Crowd: Mostly Caucasian here. Mostly older crowd of 20’s and above. There were a few spots of Asians and blacks here. Normal folk would call this crowd pretentious, and I guess in some ways they are, but I just see it as they don’t want to get all dirty and sweaty as in a normal club. Well, maybe that is pretentious. I found that the crowd was seemingly friendly. Perhaps it was the dancing types that are friendly, and not the normal bar types who don’t dance at all who give the pretentious perception for the rest of these well dressed guys.
Entertainment: The DJ has a live saxophone and bongo drum player. There are also for periods of time, 2 dancers dressed in white whom dance in the center garden piece.
Atmosphere: Pretty airy, pretty cool, thanks to the open ceiling. Inside the dancefloor, people are just bobbing about. It’s too squishy in here to be able to properly dance without hitting other people. You could really only raise your hand in the air and wave it around when a favourable song begins to play. Seeing as the bar was of an open air design, people are free to smoke as they please anywhere in the middle courtyard.
Video: Walkthrough Level 2 and Level 1
YouTube Preview Image

Video: 360 of the dance area
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Main courtyard dance area - Pureivy Saturdays

Main courtyard dance area taken from the back

Cutting the line
Friend knew one of the regular girls here. She was able to ask promoter to get us to cut the line and get herself free entry as well, but the promoter dude didn’t give us free entry. We were unfortunately not hot enough. No guestlist was submitted so the full entry fee of $20 was coughed up. There was about 100 or so people lining up, woo! Suckers =)


I feel short in here
Ugh. Normally one can walk around and find and talk to people around your height. But Jesus H. Christ I felt like a hobbit in here. I’m 5″10, which is the average height for a typical dude I reckon. Guys and girls here are like at least 6″ in here. It’s like the hideaway club for the tall people of Sydney, where they won’t be discriminated against , and where they don’t have to bend their necks down to talk to other people in the bar. A place where everyone over 6″ can feel like a normal giant.

Hard to dance
Threw myself in the middle of the dancefloor. Found a spot and instantly realised I couldn’t dance. People around me weren’t dancing much at all. They were more like waving around and drinking. Terrible. I didn’t even last 5 minutes in here. I danced a bit in the outside areas and got a free grind by passersby, but that was it. There was too much thoroughfare to consider continuous dancing in here. Too vigorous and you look out of place in here. It was lose-lose for the potential hardcore dancer in here. I saw a dude jump up on the wall next to the DJ but he was quickly pulled down by security. DJ, meanwhile smokes away as he plays music.

I had to go to a birthday in Kings Cross, so I left at 1AM. The place was still packed and people were still lining up to get in here.

If you want a bigger and better version of places like Bungalow 8 or Cargo, check this place out, but you do have to pay entry. If you want a place to dance your socks off or practise your dancing, this is not the place to go as it is too squashed and the music too slow paced. However its a great atmosphere for everything else, like talking, drinking, sitting around.. whatever you expect from a clean bar.

Pureivy Saturdays @ Ivy Bar 7/10


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