I just wanted to get trashed as it has been a while. Eventually ended up at Haymarket Hotel (It’s the final night of free entry before promoters take over on Fridays) and feeling pretty tipsy. There were DJs on the underground level playing some music!! Unfortunately its a private party, but not to be deterred, and full of dutch courage, M and I walked up to the door dude. He asks for my name. I said “James”. No surname given. I squint down at the list to try and lift another name for M, but my state of intoxication does not allow me to focus on the small words on the guestlist. Thank god, he found a “James”, and said James is crossed off the list. I was in, but what about M? After I was crossed off, he just danced his way in. Ludicrous. Me and the door guy gave each other a strange look, and I just shrugged my shoulders and we continued on in – so here we go!

Random Birthday @ Haymarket Hotel

Assessment Time: 01:00AM – 2:00AM
Opening Hours: Unknown – 02:00AM
Address: 661-663 George St, Chinatown Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual was ok tonight.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free tonight.
Guestlist: See intro above
Inside: The entire basement level was reserved for this party. Lounges about, a small dancefloor at the front to hold 10-15 people. DJ in the corner.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: I didn’t drink anything here tonight
Music: Hardstyle and Hard Trance was being played tonight. I just remember lots of thumping around. Is this what 19 year olds listen to? Oh wait I should know – my 19 year old brother blasts this kind of stuff out of his room all the time.
Crowd: Birthday boy is 19, and so the crowd around is of similar age.
Entertainment: Just the DJs
Video: 360 of the bottom level
YouTube Preview Image

Found the birthday boy
Well, we quickly found the birthday boy. He seemed sad, or more likely tired, or possibly trying to recover from drinking. I couldn’t tell. Wished him a happy birthay. He didn’t seem like much of a talker. I wonder how much it cost him to rent out this floor and DJ all night?

We didn’t recognize each other the entire night
Struck up a conversation with random girl in the corner not doing much at all. She doesn’t dance. Not many do. I don’t know why, but I told her I was famous online, haha. She believed me, but I refused to mention what I did online. Chatted for maybe 15 minutes and that was it. anyway it was only after I woke up the next morning, I realised she’s one of my twitter followers! I spied her twitter photo and confirmed that it was, indeed her. Right now at the time of writing, she still doesn’t know who I am. You follow me on twitter! How can you not know who I am by now! anyway, I found it strange that, of all people to talk to, I picked one of my 92 twitter followers. However she didn’t recognize me at the time, so the recognition count still stands at 6 (The 5th recognition was at Shark Hotel on the 16th, which I did not blog about).

There are actually djs in here on the bottom level
I am pretty surprised there is DJ in here on the Friday, but I guess it was hired for the birthday tonight. Tempting to request some house or rnb, but that would have majorly pissed off some of the crowd in here, as well as the DJ. anyway, I am surprised that there was a DJ in the bottom level, and none upstairs.

Well we were only here for a short time, and we left at closing time.

This can be a good place for a birthday. It’s dark, one end you have a DJ and the other end there lounges far enough to be able to talk.

Additional Info: 5th August 2010
The birthday boy himself has stumbled upon my blog and of course, found this particular entry – he had some things to clarify:
–  Hardstyle was only later in the night. RnB / Pop was earlier in the night. 
–  Hiring of the floor + DJ cost $1300. Cloak room would have cost even more.
– He was wasted when I met him.

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