Macquarie Hotel Sydney Liverpool Dancefloor

Macquarie Hotel Sydney Liverpool Dancefloor

I am celebrating a friends birthday at Macquarie Hotel, so here we go!

June Babies @ Macquarie Hotel
Assessment Time: 10:45PM – 03:00AM
Opening Hours: 09:00 PM- 03:00AM
Lockout: None
Website: ,
Address: 269 Macquarie St, Liverpool Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual allowed. Most guys here were indeed wearing casual t-shirts, runners etc. Girls were half dressed up half csual. Surprisingly hats are not allowed.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: Pointless as it was free entry. People who were born in June were encourages to create guestlists to be entitled to 6 free drinks. I sent a guestlist of one person (me)
Occurence: The birthday event is Monthly, but Macquarie Hotel in general is on every Saturday with the same crowd regardless.
Inside: Walk inside to the gaming area. Bar to the right for the area. Keep walking into the main bar area where the bar is also to the right. Bar area has various tables and chairs, and is carpeted. Following up is a strip of patch and a set of lounges. Past the row of lounges is the dancefloor, with overhead convertible roof. Dancefloor to hold about 150 people. Side room to the left for smoking, if the overhead roof was closed. There is also a secondary entrance on the right corner of the dancefloor.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: Shots can only be ordered at the main bar before midnight.
Music: Contemporary RnB for most of the night.
Crowd: Mostly Asian, mostly teenagers. There are a handful of older locals in their late 20s and 30s but these are the minority. I met someone who was celebrating their 18th here. Also my other 18/19 y.o clubbing friends were here. The birthday girl tonight was 22/23 – I can’t remember.
Entertainment: There’s an MC.
Atmosphere: Vibrant, busy and packed on the dancefloor. Way too packed. People openly smoke on the dancefloor as it is open air. Otherwise everyone here is into the dancing / jumping up and down here.

Securing the free drinks
On offer tonight for people born in June were 6 free drinks! Amazing, because I was born in June. A few days before, I asked a promoter what the conditions were. The only thing I had to do to was spam all my facebook friends to tell them about the event. I said I would think about it (no). Well, in any case, a guestlist event in my name was created in my name, with zero guests. Apparently this ws good enough to score free drinks anyway, which I happily got from the MC at the front. The MC actually CHECKED that I was born in June. Never in the history of guestlisting has my birthday been verified until tonight.

World Cup Fever
People are still on about the World Cup. What luck that tonights match was Argentina vs Some Team, where Argentina won 4-0. So while people on the dancefloor are happily dancing away, the rest of us who can’t dance just stare at the soccer match. About half the night was wasted watching the match.

Security still hustling people around
Last time we were here, security were bossing people who were mingling around areas where you are not meant to mingle. Mingle areas include the bathroom, the strip of path between dancefloor and back area, and the bar, if you were not buying a drink. It does keep the people and flow going well though, I have to admit.

Meet my niece, and my fiance
Woo! So I am chatting to a 30 something year old local girl. She’s engaged. Her fiance is here as well at the club. Amazing. So is her niece. Bam! She is hot. Auntie tells me to go for it. Ok, so I strode on up and did a boom boom pow dance (you can imagine the moves), and fiance steps in and pushes me away! He said no, no, no. Auntie didn’t tell someone it was ok. Oh well.

He just turned 18 tonight, so I've put a pic up

He just turned 18 tonight, Gemini power!

We left at closing time, and went for a pork roll at the 24 hour place at Cabramatta.

If you are honestly too lazy to head out to the city and live in the area, do check it out. It is the only decent RnB place out west (besides albion in Parramatta), but only if you are prepared to hang out with a young (and potentially dangerous, but I did not witness any fights) crowd.

June Babies / Pure @ Macquarie Hotel – 6.5/10

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