1AM looking for a place to dance…..

Clubs that were rejected tonight
Flow @ World Square Pub / Equilibrium:
We planned to go here tonight. There is no line outside. That’s good. $20 entry. Though as we got to the door, the internal line inside to go upstairs was packed. there was about 50 people croweded at the base of the stairs waiting for their turn to go upstairs. Oh hell no – we are not going in! So walk off we go…

Tourism @ Tao Lounge:
There was an event on tonight. The bouncer said “Don’t even bother coming in here.” We wanted to see what it was. Bouncer: “Go in for a bit of a laugh if you want. Nobody is dancing in there”. So we went in side. It was free entry anyway. There was about……….. 17 people including us 4. A guy and girl were on the dancefloor. She is standing doing nothing, and he is moving his arms up and down, like he is perforing curls on an invisible 1kg dumbell. It is ridiculous – and so is the music. We left after a wasted 10 minutes.

V Bar had cover charge so we didn’t go in, but it looked dead.

Puls8 @ Shark Hotel was dead as well tonight. (Saturdays are better).

Our final destination – random private party @ Burdekin Hotel
Continued the merry walk down Oxford St, where we strike up some ye old conversation with the patrons outside Burdekin Hotel. They were nice enough to invite us to their private party upstairs at the top level! Booyah!

Got inside – we are really the only asians here, but everyone here is friendly. Most are dancing, its cool. There’s a DJ and the room is dark and ideal for dancing. Mirror covering the back wall for a bigger impression of the room. Enough lounges for the size of the dancefloor. It’s a nice little place for a private party indeed.

There was really only one other good dancer here, but he seemed to only dance whenever I was dancing, and only with the girls i was cracking onto as well. A bit stalkerish, when a guy tails you around, but what are you going to do aye.

The other half of the time, the girl who brought us in was running back and forth from the bathroom throwing up, lol. anyway everyone here is friendly. Unisex bathrooms provided much chat fodder as well. Met lots of people that night.

I think at 5AM we were just really freaking tired, and yet people were still in here dancing their socks off. Bloody amazing. This is how people at a club should be! Would I have my birthday here? It is ok to have a birthday here, but only if there are heaps of people. The atmosphere of the floor provides more for dancing rather than socialising once the music is up and pumping, so check it out first before having an event here.

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