Club recommendations. The problem with recommendations is that every club has its own unique qualities that make it lovable by different people. It’s easy to hate on some particular clubs, but extremely difficult to recommend a venue for someone.

I wrote an article for the I Heart Uni Magazine, listing clubs to recommend, for their edition which comes out this week. Article was submitted a few weeks ago. Target audience was asian uni students and I was pretty much restricted to outside the CBD. Quite difficult as Asians are as rare as hen’s teeth in the cross or on oxford st.

So anyway, my recommendations were:

1. Havana for Friday and Saturday: Havana Fridays for RnB is no longer. I went to their final night and it was shit as. For Saturdays, my recommendation is still to go here, but the crowd is still Euro and the music still House and Trance if you are into that.

If to find a replacement, I would say Slide Bar on the monthly ‘Bounce‘ Korean night events are the way to go. Unfortunately, they only come once a month.

Also, The Tunnel have RnB on Fridays, but I have not been yet to ascertain a recommendation.

2. Moulin Rouge for either Friday / Saturday: I wouldnt send an RnB lover here. They all hate it. If you like house and if you like dancing, then yes check it out. It’s a great dirty atmosphere. If you don’t like to dance, then avoid this place, as it is quite loud. Crowd is Euro/Aussie

3. The Gaff on Tuesdays: The Gaff Tuesdays is one of the best all round venues I’ve been to. People, cheap drinks, friendly people, wet t-shirt comps and some dancefloor action. It’s good as a safe recommendation for people on Tuesday nights. I still hold this as a recommendations. Crowd is still backpackers.

Most importantly, a good night is usually when you are in an open mood to meet people, and have fun with or without alcohol.

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9 Responses to Comments on my I Heart Uni article of club recommendations

  1. anne says:

    heya! actually Bounce is now every 2 weeks on Friday. I’m not sure about the same location though. This Friday, they’re doing it at the Vault Hotel. did you mention flow fridays?

    • James says:

      Oh, really? The Vault I’ve walked by on a dead night.. it seems like a nice place, not as big as Slide Bar though.

      I wasn’t able to throw in Flow, as I was to only write about clubs outside of the CBD. Within the CBD I would say Flow is the only ok place to go now on Fridays, if Bounce isn’t on, but I don’t personally like going to Flow anymore.

      Other asian rnb places:

      Shanghai some people like. I don’t. My friends don’t.
      Bamboo – I have said enough about this place in previous posts.
      Funky – yet to check out. Apparently air-con is fixed, so I will visit soon.
      Satisfaction – i went in at 3am last Saturday, and there were about 30 or so people. respectable for this small place at this time.

  2. anne says:

    actually bounce this week is on a saturday!…pretty confusing!!! but it’s happening more often anyways. clubs outside of CBD? hmmm i would add candys, world bar and maybe soho but that’s just my opinion. if they don’t mind travelling out west then macq at livo…ironically i live in livo and i still haven’t gone to macq yet! should try it sometime soon.

    • James says:

      i just went to macq again last weekend.

      its busy but way too packed on the dancefloor as usual, and smokers everywhere. gah.

  3. wendy says:

    fk yeah moulin rouge! my favourite club

  4. daniel says:

    James! Where will you be this week?

    Can you do a review on the new Verandah Bar?? (something about a new event opening there this weekend)

    • James says:

      i’m at the tunnel tonight, saturday possibly sanctuary hotel.

      got a spam email saying verandah this sat has 13 birthdays. it means its going to be super packed and you may not get in. typical of opening nights.. so hopefully 2 or 3 months down the track they keep the momentum going.

  5. anne says:

    ok. i’ve heard about other nights happening at the macquarie hotel like saturdaze and the monthly birthdays night. is it any different to pure? i’m taking my friend there when he gets back from japan cos it’s free all night and we both live around the liverpool area.

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