Me and M

Pirate and Indian

Visiting a random who we only met last week. We reached the door and I don’t really want to go in. Random begs us to come in for an hour or so because its her birthday. Well, we were already here, and we were in our costumes from the party before, so let’s make the most of this – here we go!

Impulse @ Hunter Bar
Assessment Time: 02:00AM – 03:15AM
Opening Hours: – 11:00PM  – 10:00AM
Lockout: None
Address: 50 Hunter St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: anything goes. Hats allowed, costumes allowed.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20. Unsure on guestlist but there probably was one
Occurence: Every Friday.
Inside: Under street level, the place is quite dark. It is just one room – low ceiling height – a bar to the right, a dancefloor at the front to hold about 100 people tightly and the DJ at the far end. Lounges are located as you walk in. 
Cloak Room: Free for umbrellas. $3 or $4 for other items
Bar: Did not drink tonight.
DJs: Main DJ was Amber savage. See this pic for the set list. Aren’t they so nice to supply one?
Music: Hard Trance, Hard Style
Crowd: Older, mostly asians. Older meaning being on the wrong side of 30. There are also a handful of younger people, but no less than 25. These people were the last remnants of the classic trance generation of the 90s, still partying until the end, and you know what, I applaud them for it.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment.
Atmosphere: Dark, loud and kind of seedy, in a bad way. Most were standing around in the dark, and avoiding the dancefloor. Everyone kept to themselves in here.
Video: Walkthrough / 360
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Set List - Impulse @ Hunter Bar

Set List - Impulse @ Hunter Bar

No talk in here
It’s way too difficult to even strike a conversation inside here. It’s so damn loud. My attempt to talk to someone remotely my age was met with fierce resistance by her friends after half a second. I talked to an older, non-attractive asian woman and she was all over me. We almost kissed after some boogie, but I couldn’t do it – the light unfortonately landed on her face, and I saw her true age – thank god I was sober.. Thank god.

Crowd - Impulse @ Hunter Bar Sydney

Crowd - Impulse @ Hunter Bar Sydney Friday

The outfits that didn’t work
Usually Captain Jack Sparrow gets the adulation and love from the entire place but for some reason tonight, only one person came up to take a photo with me and M (who was dressed as an American Indian). What is with this crowd? It was this place – it was designed to make everyone on equal footing by making it really dark as well as blaringly loud. Not even a hardcore shuffling Jack Sparrow could excite people up.

We left after an hour of shuffling. Just exhausting stuff, and the place never really picked up.

Only come here if you really want to continue your dancing fix from 4am onwards. It’s not very good as a place to go to unless you are into your hard style. Probably HSU would be better (apparently, I haven’t been).  As a venue itself it isn’t so good either. It’s dark and not many lounges to sit down on… but that is standard. I don’t know of any other place in the CBD that has a day club going on, so Hunter has kind of a monopoly in the day club scene. $20 entry is dear for a club that did not have many people either.

Hunter Bar Fridays (Hardstyle) : 2.5/10



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