We on a boat - sydney harbour bridge cruise

Sydney Habour Bridge - 'We on a Boat' Cruise

Friends invited me onto this cruise – A reggae/funk dance cruise – I’ve never been on a day cruise and I’ve never been to a reggae event – so I put on my Mexican outfit and off we went – here we go!

We on a Boat – The Lady Rose Catamaran
Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=318543987561
Cruise Times: 1pm to 6pm
Course sailed: Departing King St Wharf, Darling Harbour, the boat sailed north then East under the harbour Bridge, past the Opera house to hang about Jackson’s bay, circling around the entire course twice before coming back to King St Wharf.
Weather Conditions: Sunny throughout the entire cruise. Humidity low and it was warm enough to not be afraid of massive sunburn.
Dress Code / Door Policy: anything goes. Most people wore casual shirts, shorts. I had worn a mexican sombrero complete with my homemade poncho
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Tickets were available from Moshtix for $35 plus booking fee. At the door they were $40 or $50 I believe.
On Board Inside: This was a 2 level boat with a 3rd roof top level. Today, as the event was not sold out, only the bottom and rooftop level were open.
Cloak Room: None available. There were not many people anyway so there wasnt too much risk in leaving stuff lying around.
Bar: Didn’t drink today.
DJs: Nick Toth, JC, Levins, Fasmwa, Naiki, Di Tha DJ, Mickey Morphingaz
Music: Reggae and Dancehall on the top level the whole time. On the bottom level was also the same, with some funk and old school rnb thrown in.
Crowd: About half the crowd were Africans, and the rest of the crowd were split between whites and a contigent of asian dancers who were here, I am guessing, for the modern rnb, but of course, did not get it. Various ages between young and old. Mostly late 20’s or 30s.
Entertainment: There were MCs on both the rooftop deck and the bottom level. Often the MC would call upon the ladies to jump in front of the DJ to participate in games such as booty shaking competitions, grinding competitions, and reggae dancing styles. It’s truly amazing to see girls out there willing to participate in these games sober. All the men love it.
Atmosphere: Top level was relaxed party. People are dancing about on the chairs and on the floor, but in a way that can only be achieved by playing reggae and dancehall. (It’s hard to explain, you probably have had to be there to know what I mean) Most of the people were here for a dancing good time, and only a handful of people were sitting down the whole time. On the bottom level was different, as it was totally dead for most of the cruise. There was on average about five to ten people at the same time on the floor. At peak, the asian dance contigent started to dance when the funk music came out, and they pretty much had half the boat attendees gaping in awe as they go about their dance moves.

Top Level

Top Level - We on a Boat Reggae Cruise

Breakdancers Bottom Level

Breakdancers Bottom Level

Sea swaying
Most of the time was spent on the top deck where the weather was sunny perfect, and people are dancing around. The boat often rocks, and being on top of a small vessel meant that the effect is multiplied, so there were many moments where everyone would sway back and forth a step or two to keep balance, as the ship swayed. At one point early in the cruise, it swayed so much that the DJs Macbook fell off the table and onto the floor. bang! Luckily it was still working after that fall – otherwise we would have been in massive trouble if we had no music.

YouTube Preview Image

The celebration of booty
The MC, throughout, always is encouraging the women to come up to dance, shake their booty:

YouTube Preview Image

This is then followed up by asking if any of the men want to “ride” the booty. The women are happy to play along – amazing that the women don’t care! I like this kind of happy environment:

YouTube Preview Image

Smelly whiffs of wind
Often as well, for a reason unknown, we would encounter a whiff of dirty air, which basically smelled like someone had taken a massive dump. One could assume that it was coming from the bathroom, but not that many people would have had a massive dump, right? So it could have been the harbour giving off rotten egg gas, or whatever gas is given out that makes sea passengers sick. In any case, it was gross whenever it happened.

So you think you can dance with Don
For season 2 of So You Can Think You Can Dance Australia, there was Don, the B-Boy who was eliminated early from the top set of dancers. Well, we spotted him on the cruise and he was nice enough to take a photo with us!

With Don from So You Can Think You Can Dance Australia Season 2

With Don from So You Can Think You Can Dance Australia Season 2

He said he thought I was awesome, dressing up as a mexican and all, and even questioned if he should be ‘famous’. lol modesty. Here are some breakdancing clips from his crew:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

One of the guys wants my hat
The sombrero is getting in the way of dancing, so I put it down. One of the Djs asks if he can wear it, sure I give it to him to wear for the rest of the cruise. At the end of it, he offers me $10 for it. HELL NO, I paid $15 for it. I like it. He still wants $10 for it. Two asians negotiating on a price for the transfer of a Mexican hat on a reggae cruise in Sydney. A funny sight. I ended up keeping the hat.

He wears my hat

He wants to buy my sombrero. nope, not gonna happen

As we head back into wharf, the DJ plays “Im on a boat” by the Lonely Island, and we all go mad. Its great.

Only if you like reggae and dancehall music. Don’t come alone unless you like to make new friends. Other than that it was a very good vibe upstairs, especially combined with the great weather, but downstairs was a downer. If more people came it would have made it a raging cruise on both levels.

We on a Boat Party Reggae Cruise – 5.5/10

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