So after the renovations at Shark Hotel about a year ago, they have finally formally introduced a clubbing night again for Friday and Saturdays. M has invited me to check it out both nights – so here we go!

Puls8 @ Shark Hotel Sydney
Assessment Time: 11pm – 1am (Friday), 11pm-3am (Saturday)
Opening Hours: Early in the day. Music starts up 10:30 for a 3am close.
Address: 127 Liverpool St, sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual was ok in here.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free entry all night.
Guestlist: None, due to free entry.
Inside: Shark Hotel is quite a big place, but most of the area is carpeted – Half of it for stools and lounges, the other half for pool tables. The dancefloor sits in between both of these areas. It’s an elevated floor about 50cm off the floor. The DJ is also elevated along with the floor. There is also a small ‘buffer’ dancefloor zone of 2 metres on one side of the dancefloor closer to the ba
Cloak Room: None
Bar: One bar to service everyone. 2 Sminoff Black Ice’s for $18.50. $3 drinks before midnight. This place has probably the cheapest drinks anywhere.
DJs: Unknown
Music: RnB, House, Top 40
Crowd: Most are asians, but there are also indians, euros and some aussie locals.
Entertainment: Photographer
Atmosphere: Friday – Dead, it peaked with about 10 people on the dance podiumm, but died after that.

Saturday – The dancefloor was busy the whole time we were there. The surrounding areas of stools and lounges weren’t so busy.

Puls8 (Friday) @ Shark Bar - Peak Time

Puls8 (Friday) @ Shark Bar - Peak Time.. pretty not busy.

Walkthrough Video on a Friday – Very dead
YouTube Preview Image

Previous incarnations of clubbing nights at Shark Hotel bring back memories of a dark room at the back, full of people dancing, and ALWAYS ending up in a fight, complete with chairs and tables being flung in a multitude of directions. Will tonight be the same? Keep reading to find out…

Friday’s Timeline
Dancing with the crowd
Firstly, as we arrived, there was only one guy up there dancing on his own. A sole warrior. A European version of me. M and I jump up for a dance. There are now 3 losers up on the dancefloor at 11pm. Later some other people who were gutsy enough come up .. and it was alright with the 6 of us now. It didn’t really get much more than that.

No people = No shoes
It’s so dead that there’s 3 of us. The 3rd person, a girl, has taken off her shoes to dance, and no security has come up to tell her off. It’s pretty relaxed in here.

She left her shoes on the

She left her shoes on the podium to go barefoot. Shoes did not get stolen nor was she told off.

Mistaken Identity
Me and M are out tonight, and we’re wearing similar vests. M is wearing his hat and he steps off the floor and it’s just me. A girl who was dancing with M turns around and asks me “wheres your hat?”. oh.. my.. god… did she think I was M, the guy she was just dancing 5 minutes with?? She wasn’t kidding, and she really thought I was M. Oh my god.. WE DO LOOK THE SAME!!

We totally look the same

We totally look the same

Saturday’s Timeline
Reviving a dancefloor
On Arrival, there are two guys dancing up on the dancefloor. Once again, M and me jump up and join in… nobody joins us and it takes Beyonce’s “single ladies” to get about 8 women up on the dancefloor, which is a great result for Shark Hotel.

Photographer loves us
Early on, the photographer takes photos of us and loves us so much he gives us a free drink each. Oh, score! It was Yager Beer time!

with the photographer at shark hotel puls8

Photographer loves me! Last known photo of my hat.

Jagermeister promotions

There’s a Jagermeister stand, giving out merchandise per Jager shot taken. Keyrings, shirts and bandanas were up on offer. I got a bandana and keyring bottle opener :)

Jagermeister stand

Jagermeister stand - shot of jager for a free item!

Hat gone
I’ve lent my hat to a girl M was dancing with, and then she left. My awesome hat is gone. NO. M I want you to get my hat back!

Having to fend off sleazy men
I’m with a friend, and she’s heavily tipsy. You leave her alone for one minute and some guy is grinding with her. So really I have to run around and fend off anyone. I think at one point, we were in conversation and a guy comes up and asks me if he could talk to her for ‘just a sec’. Like hell no, shine your dick away from me! Barf. He didn’t even offer me a bribe or anything.another guy comes up to us in the bar and grabs her crotch. Barf again. My cousin is hit on heaps as well, but she was able to take care of herself, despite her calling out for me for help. LOL. Note – all these sleazes were euro dudes.

(Friday) Pretty much after 1pm the whole place had died and we left for Star Bar
(Saturday) Left at 3am, there were still some people dancing.

I would avoid coming here on a Friday night. However Saturday nights here are much better, theres more people and the dancefloor is busy enough to have your own private dance without being stared at. If you want a clean place with cheap drinks, and a quick dance, check this out. But only come with friends. You may not enjoy it here on your own. In comparison to the old clubbing nights a year or so ago – the DJ is better and the place is no longer full of drunkards – no longer you should be worried about getting smacked by a wooden chair or glassed in the eye thanks to plastic cups- one can also have a chat and play some pool as well.

Puls8 (Friday Night) @ Shark Hotel – 2.5/10
Puls8 (Saturday Night) @ Shark Hotel – 6.5/10

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  1. jan says:

    i went to sharkies 17th april but i dunt know the wensite to get the fotos. I even sign the paper the photographers gave me with my email addy but i didnt even recieve thre website or link to the pics.

    • James says:

      You can find it on the Facebook page for the puls8 event. i don’t have the link on me at the moment , but you can find it.

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