Fridays @ Star Bar: 19th March 2010

On March 19, 2010, in Pop, Studio One (Star Bar), by James Tran
Star Bar 19/03/2010

Star Bar 19th March 2010

Friends of M have forced me to go to Star Bar, after leaving the dismal Shark Hotel. I have only 3 passes this year to visit Star Bar as part of my new years resolution, and after tonight, I will only have one left. So M and I go in for a dance.. here we go!

Fridays @ Star Bar
Assessment Time: 01:30 – 03:00pm
Opening Hours: Star Bar is open from the morning. DJ starts cranking the music about 10pm. Upstairs dancing area closes at 3am. Downstairs lounge closes at 6am.
Address: 600 George St
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual ok. Door policy regarding groups of guys is tight early in the night, but generally after 1am, anyone is allowed in.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free the entire night.
Guestlist: None needed due to the free entry. However if you happen to organise an event here, a guestlist can be sorted out to allow you through security during the tightened Door Policy period early in the night. Email is
Inside: 3 levels for the entire bar, but the dancefloor is on the top level. The top level has a small pool area at the back with 2 tables. In the middle is a large seating area. Along the walls are more seats and tables. The dancefloor is next to here, holding upto 350 people. It’s large compared to the other dancefloors in Sydney. DJ on one end, and 2 bars to service everyone on this level.
Cloak Room: none
Bar: 2 Bars. Prices unknown.
Music: Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, commerical house, Top40
Crowd: This is where most of the asian backpackers can be found by default. The rest of the people here are also backpackers from europe and Africa. There are also a strong Indian presence. I always feel out of place here.
Entertainment: Free glowsticks thrown into the crowd later in the night.
Atmosphere: Dark, party atmosphere. Though it does get pretty humid in here. If you’re a girl, be prepared to be hit on by many a man.
Keep reading about my cut lip and M’s smackdown!

Random gives me a cut lip
The DJ cranks up Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat”, and I start doing the Soulja Boy dance that accompanies song. Someone else knows the dance and he joins me. We are doing the dance, and we are doing well. The part where Soulja Boy sings “crank dat soulja boy”, you are meant to raise your hands in the air to the side and shuffle to one side. Well, when that line was sung, the other guy raised his hands in a fist and somehow punched me square in the jaw!! ARGHH Braces + Being Punched = PAIN + BLOOD. Pure accident but it hurts, cause now the metal is scraping  inside the wound, and I can’t do anything about it in the club.

Mission Impossible IV: Find a girl who speaks English.
Your mission if you choose to accept it – is to find an asian girl in Star Bar who speaks English. So, off I go, asking every single girl if they spoke english. About half said “I don’t understand”, and the other half “……” meaning they didn’t even want to look at me. I was just another creep. I even asked a white girl if she spoke English, and she turned her head away and danced the other way. LOL. I come in peace, really. In the end I only found one English speaking Asian girl. Took a good hour.

M gets the smackdown!
So we are dancing, and M is in the middle. A Big Black Man who seems to be running the dance circle, loves M so much he lifts him up over his shoulders like a bar bell. Crazy lol. Unfortunately the Big Black Man stumbles backwards with M in his hands. He’s lost his balance and he falls backwards. It’s all happening in slow motion. You can see M change his orientation from horizontal to vertical, but he’s the wrong kind of vertical – he’s upside down, like a baby about to be pushed out of his mother’s womb. Except the womb is the Big Black Man’s hands, and instead of the Midwife / Doctor catching the baby, the dancefloor offers its hard wooden floor as a landing pad for the back of M’s head. THUMP. It’s amazing, it was like a wrestling move. I laugh and take a photo. A moment later I realise I shouldn’t have laughed. Amazingly though, M has a thick skull and he has survived this ordeal, albeit with a huge bruise swelling. Security comes a moment later and tries to kick M out for causing trouble. LOL now that’s hilarious.

We leave at 3am closing time.

There’s always a big crowd here, but its always hot and smelly in some areas. If you don’t like being hit on by guys, don’t come here. If you do like to be hit on by guys, then by all means come here. If you’re a white guy, come here – Girls will love you. anyway despite how much I dislike coming here, the free entry and ok ratio of women to men keeps calling me back.

Star Bar Friday 19th March 2010 – 6/10
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  1. hmmm I was lured by the wrestling…

    I like backpacker spots. A place for fun loving, beautiful, exotic people up for randomness and good times with no attitude.

    It was remiss of me to not think there would need to be a place to cater for the forgotten asian backpacker demographic. So here it is aye

  2. I see u pundit says:

    Cheers on a friday night has degenerated into a sad state of affairs..

  3. I see u pundit says:

    I stand corrected. Star Bar it is then! Haha

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