A female native american indian - Future Music Festival Sydney 2010

A female native american indian - Future Music Festival Sydney 2010

All week it was raining. Forecast was raining. We bought tickets months ago, but on the day.. HALLELUJAH! Big old sun was out and about, kicking clouds’ ass. I put on my American Indian outfit, got some pre-drinks at a friends place and off we went – here we go!

Future Music Festival @ Randwick Racecourse Sydney

Assessment Time: 4pm – 10pm
Website: http://www.futuremusicfestival.com.au
Address: Royal Randwick Race Course, Randwick, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: anything goes. Everybody wore sunnies. I wore an American Indian outfit.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $100 FR, $120 SR, $145 FR for GA Tickets
Inside: 7 or so massive dance areas. It’s a freaking racecourse. Well its not the course itself, but all the pavillions and surrounding grasslands.
Cloak Room: There was one but I was too lazy to walk to the other side of the course to put it in there
Bar: $10.50 for smirnoff ice cans. They’ve upped it from $10!! Dodgy. Both times we waited about 10-15 minutes for our drinks. Limit of 2 drinks per person.
DJs/Acts: Prodigy. Most epic set I have been to (I havent been to many). I was pretty much situated a good 200 or 300 metres so from the stage, and the whole area was still jumping up and down like a moshpit through all the songs. I missed every other main act, but they included David Guetta, Empire of the Sun, Sven Vath, Boys Noize, Dubfire, and Booka Shade from memory.
Music: House, Trance, Electronica
Crowd: Mixed bag of everything. Mostly caucasians if you wanted to classify.
Entertainment: Roller disco, Rides, free shots of drinks, and lots of other stuff we didn’t discover that day.
Weather: Sunny all day. Perfect.
Atmosphere: very good. The weather was great and provided for a good mood for everyone involved.

Future Music Festival Sydney Videos:

Me doing drunken cartwheels
YouTube Preview Image

Read on for more heaps more videos and the Timeline

Pod Room 360
YouTube Preview Image

The crowd outside
There are just people freaking everywhere you go.
YouTube Preview Image

Green Room 360

It’s a small room, i think sponsored by an energy drink. anyway we were so freaking thirsty from the alcohol, we took whatever energy drink we could. Nice.

YouTube Preview Image

Starfuckers stage 360 + “I Gotta Feeling” Black Eyed Peas
YouTube Preview Image

Silent Disco Area (a bit redundant as the camera is outside listening range of any of the music)
YouTube Preview Image

Prodigy were the only act we managed to catch the whole day. The rest of the day was spent just walking around the whole place. Needless to say, the entire set had the crowd constantly jumping up and down, and even though we were about 200 metres back, where we were.. it still felt like we were pretty close to the stage. Pretty awesome. Whatever energy we had left was all spent after this. I tried to go closer to the stage, and cut off a girl. She got pretty angry at me, grabbed my headpiece and threw it to the ground.

Prodigy – “Breathe”
YouTube Preview Image

Prodigy – “Omen”
YouTube Preview Image

Prodigy – “Invaders Must Die”
YouTube Preview Image

Hey! How are you? Hey! How are you?
The above title was my greeting for everyone I met today. Someone at the bus stop saw me and had blessed me with it. Love it. I’ve come dressed as Chief Breaking Wind, the dancing native American Indian.

Lining up
As with any festival, unless you’re in the VIP line, you’re thrown in with everyone else. At first glance the line appeared huge, but thanks to 6 entry gates where we were, the line up only took about 20 minutes. I must say though for bathrooms – Future Music Festival has some of the shortest lines for any festival. There were even some areas where there was no line at all. Amazing. They had portaloos everywhere you go. It’s amazing, and a job well done for Future Entertainment.

Losing friends
Initially it was 6 of us. After about 10 minutes, we got split and it was just me and my buddy Crabs left. Despite the constant SMS back and forth ‘where are you’, “i am here”, we never found each other for the rest of the day.

Apparently not the last Mohican
Honestly I thought I would be the only one dressed up as a native american, but what I forgot was the fact that Empire of the Sun were playing.. and if you don’t know, Empire of the Sun LOVE wearing their Indian American Headpieces. So, the fans were out in force:

Die Hard Fans of Empire of the Sun

Die Hard Fans of Empire of the Sun


Fellow apache indian

another American Indian Friend of Mine


Roller Disco with two randoms
In my drunken haze I grabbed a woman and danced with her. We became friends, and she had her guy friend as well. So it was us 4 (including Crabs), and we decided to go to the roller disco! It was awesome fun.

Everyone fell, except me:
I have never been on roller skates, but I used to rollerblade when I was a child… and I can hold my own with ice skates, so skating around on skates was ok for me. My friends though, STACKED IT HARD. Hilarious.

Here’s a poster we found on the ground:

This is how we roll!

This is how we roll!

Crabs loses his shoes
We returned to the shoe area. The way it works is that you leave your shoes under the chair and skate, then come back. Well, once we came back, Crabs shoes appeared to be missing. We could not find them – someone had stolen them!! So I urged my friend to steal someone elses shoes, which he did, and thus the chain of shoe thieving continued.. hahaha

Getting Married
My friend Crabs has a priest outfit. He married me and a girl in the Silent Disco room, but she refused to kiss. what kind of marriage is that? Later I married a guy in the same room, but I don’t remember this – it is only what Crabs has told me afterwards.

we got married at Future Music Festival

We got married by Crabs the priest

We also missed the entire David Guetta set cause were lost track of time, but apparently one of the speakers in the back had stopped working, so people standing at the back had a shitty time. Meanwhile, we were dancing it out hard in the Silent Disco room!

Drunk, Tired, and we had only been drinking alcohol. Bad recipie, cause i was so freaking parched. Once I got my hands on a tiger woods gatorade outside the venue I gulped that thing down so fast it wasnt funny. Neeless to say there was a water station somewhere, but the place is so big we didn’t walk by it.

After the Prodigy set everyone was kicked out. The lines were too long for a bus, so we walked to The Entertainment quarter (Fox studios) where taxis were dropping off party goers for the Mardi Gras party at Hordern.

Pretty good. Nice weather, nice crowd, nice music.. everything nice. Wish the bar prices were cheaper.

Future Music Festival Sydney 2010 – 9.5/10

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    hey james, will u be doing a review for Defqon.1 Festival 2010?

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      nah, hardstyle really isn’t my thing. I prefer the old school trance – uplifting etc.

      The next festival that I’ve bought tickets to is Stereosonic.. the lineup is pretty strong :)

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