Tonight is PISSING down cats and dogs.. like pretty hard as hell, and nobody wants to come out. I want to go home but I get a call from Derelick.. I suppose I can stay out for a bit.. here we go!


Triple up Quickie: Fridays @ Bar Europa, Pavillion and Scruffy Murphys
Bar Europa
Dead as. Avoid on rainy nights as it was just us and another small group of asians, it was the birthday boy from 2 weeks ago at flow, TT.
0/10 tonight. Blame the rain and lack of promotion.


Pavillion Hotel
Danced with C tonight.  Met some Japanese girls via dance, but some white guys were constantly cracking onto them. Disgusting.

3/10 tonight


Friday @ Scruffy Murphys
As we walk in we can smell the alcohol and the stench of backpackers. It’s hot and stinky. We head downstairs where some rnb is playing. We dance and impress everybody. All the guys are ogling at C – the quality of girls down here is questionable.

We go back upstairs later and dance for a bit. C is pulled into a dance circle and impresses all. When she tries to leave she is pulled back in and can’t escape for another half hour.
Not much on my side of things, tried to dance with some girls but they dont think i’m awesome enough.

We all leave at around 2:30. an early night as I have Good Vibrations tomorrow.


Scruffy Murphys 4/10 tonight


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2 Responses to Bar Europa, Pavillion Hotel, Scruffy Murphys: Friday 12th February 2010

  1. dr_stoopid says:

    HAHAHA Scruffy Murphy’s got a 4?! The overbearing stench of urine alone puts a cap on it at 1.5 for me. And even then, I’m being generous.

    Who wants to dance in a backpacker’s urinal…? 😀

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