Tonight was a birthday. The venue – Se7en. Se7en I heard was good on Fridays for Asian RNB for Melbourne, but what about Saturday? Saturday is House. That’s fine, I like house.
“Are you on the guestlist?”. A bad sign already.
Well what do you know, the birthday girl HAS organised a guestlist. The ratio of girls to guys is 2:1. However theres about 20 of us. Oh boy and let me tell you, we looked pretty sexy.
“I’m sorry, there is no guestlist under that name”
Oh wow – $10 for anyone who can guess why we were turned away. Oh, here’s a CLUE. Look what happened to them. They’ve moved onto a new event already! Some Melbourne house clubs are just as dodgy as Sydneys.
Ok, so now that was out of the way, there was only one venue left to try that I had a such a lovely time last time – Lavish @ Watermark Bar .. So here we go!
Lavish @ Watermark Bar (Melbourne)
Assessment Time: 11:00pm – 2:30am (closing time)
Address: 8/800 Bourke St, Docklands, Melbourne
Dress Code / Door Policy: Smart Casual, but its safer to err on the Smart side. Large groups of guys are likely to be rejected here. Luckily we were with a posse of girls.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20, $15 on guestlist.
Guestlist: See facebook page for details. A friend knew one of the promoters and she managed to get us in.
Inside: Tonight as you walk in it is still the same setup. Main small room to hold 100 or so people. It’s a tight squeeze with the bar on the right side. DJ at the back. Tonight the back area behind the DJ was closed off. Upstairs there was another two rooms, one pretty loungy to sit 30 or so and the top level was just a lounge with a bar – with lots of people – presumably for a birthday. Good views to match.
Back downstairs there is a second external room with a second DJ. The room is also a smaller tight of a squeeze than the main room to hold 100 or less. Bar is also in here. Just outside is a smoking area of equivalent size. Phew.
Cloak Room: Yes, there is a cloak room
Bar: 3 bars. Prices unknown
Music: RnB in the main room. Modern contemporary RnB you hear on the radio. It’s good and people dance to it. In the other room is commercial/electro house. I liked it here as well but my asian friends are always in the RnB area.
Crowd: Asian to the max.
Entertainment: No extras to entertain us tonight. No MC as far as I can remember.
Atmosphere: When we came in it was good, but not packed or too busy – after an hour or so it did pick up and eventually the place became booby trapped with asians. Became very packed. I would imagine the line outside being busy still.
Reusing my white wig tonight.
I forked out a good $60 or so on my Gandalf the White outfit for Sensation White 2 days ago – it was only fair that I make the most o fit by wearing my wig again tonight – just to see how things went!
Lavish Watermark Bar 2

My little outfit - Lavish Watermark

Stage Hogging and picking the crowd
Being guests in this lovely city, we had the default right to get up on the podium and SHAKE IT FOR SYDNEY! So that’s what I did, and I got all the others up as well. I have a fan of Japanese girls looking at me with amusement- So with the approval of her friends I grabbed one and get to straight up dance and grind with her. Oh woot! It’s funny you can’t grind a random on the street without being labelled a creep, but inside a club, grinding with someone random is considered normal.
Podium with girl

Podium with Jap girl at Lavish - Watermark Bar

So things are heating up but she has to LEAVE! UGH it’s only 1am or some ridiculously early time. My dream of a japanese wife eludes me once again. Bad for me now because I can’t hit on any other girl in that room who saw me do the grinding deed… I spent the next hour looking for her in case she was still inside the club. Nothing.

My Camera goes missing

Oh nooo you didn’t!

Oh yes I did.

The camera was in my pocket I swear to god. A few minutes later I do a random self check of my inventory and my CAMERA IS MISSING. Oh no. I am panicking right now. I spend the rest of the entire night looking for my camera, asking every single person I met or took a photo with if they somehow were stil holding onto my camera. I interrogated every person who held a camera which looked similar to mine. Soon enough, it was closing time. I asked security, bar staff, and the cloak room if anyone was kind enough to hand in a camera. Who in their right mind would hand in my awesome camera with a million awesome pictures? OH MY GOD NOBODY DID. SOMEONE HAS MY CAMERA AND DARES NOT RETURN IT???!! NO. I have so many epic photos on there from 2009, it is sad that it was lost this way.

Have not seen my camera since.

The only contact details on the camera was ONE photo of me which says “Add me on facebook James Tran” on the back of it – Since that day I’ve been logging onto facebook to see if anyone with my camera would add me, but of course, the person who has it has probably sold or kept the camera to themselves. I STILL WANT MY PHOTOS THOUGH!!

So thats what constituted the latter half of my night – very sad.


Kicked out at closing time as I continue searching for my camera.


Despite losing my camera the second half of the night, I did enjoy the first half of the night.

Lavish @ Watermark bar (First Half) – 7/10

Lavish @ Watermark bar (overall including losing my camera) – 3/10

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