Desperately looking for a club to hit for Christmas Eve, and a lot of clubs are not open.. except for Flow, who are holding a once off Thursday event… nice – so here we go!

Flow Fridays @ World Square Pub (WSP): Thursday 24th December 2009

Assessment Time: 11:30 – 3:30am
: 680 George St Sydney (Formerly Equilibrium)
Dress Code
: Casual / Smart Casual. Girls wore dresses, and most guys wore nice shoes with collared shirts.
Door Policy
: Tight on the female/male ratio. Bring girls with you if you are a guy wanting to get in. Many a man hath been rejected from Flow for being alone or by grouping with his fellow man. This in turn helps with atmosphere
Guestlist: See website
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $10 tonight for all patrons. Only for tonight, as there was less patronage on Christmas Eve/ Thursdays.
Inside: The Flow event is only held upstairs. It’s a small room for 200 or so people.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $5 Gin and Tonics
DJ: Typical Asian RnB DJs on rotation
Music: RnB
Crowd: Entirely Asian.
Entertainment: Not even an MC tonight, so it was just the DJ holding the show together.

Atmosphere: Very dead in the beginning – usually its packed on Fridays, but it *is* christmas eve. Around midnight it still isn’t packed, but it is getting busy. At around 1am the place is definitely very packed now, which was pretty good.

Is it me or do some of the girls here just hate conversation?
I went in and say my hellos to friends. Suddenly a girl leaps on me and dances very close to me! Whoa..

James: Hello
: Hey
: who are you?
: (cutting me off) I dont want to know you!
: um, ok!
(we kiss)
I will spare you the boring details of it… This was bizarre, I don’t even know her name. After a few bizarre minutes of kissing, she then runs away and goes back to a guy and resumes hugging and kissing with him, who was probably her boyfriend! Sickening. Oh well..

Friend gets kicked out
I have a friend, Special K, who dances quite promiscuously, very close to a stripper like-way. The boys love it, but she gets kicked out for being too sexual on the dance floor. That is so not fair, there wasn’t really much else to perve on tonight!

I don’t deserve this… another girl?
By miracle freak of nature, I am dancing with another asian girl, and somehow we are kissing.. I really don’t know why or what I did to deserve this. It could have been a lack of guys, I don’t know. Then she left to go home without inviting me! How rude, haha… I think I was getting pretty drunk right now.

Well more dancey dancey, met some other friends – we sodded off home at closing time.

This was a good turnout for Christmas Eve. Not too packed, and not dead, it was just right, but only after 1am. Before that it was pretty crap.

Flow Fridays on Christmas Eve Thursday @ WSP – 6.5/10

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