Here for a birthday on a Sunday – here we go!

Sundayze @ The Albion

Assessment Time: 8pm-Midnight
Address: 135 George St, Parramatta
Dress Code: Casual ok. Most guys wore t-shirts, and girls wore dresses.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free
Guestlist: n/a
Inside: Courtyard was open only tonight. Small narrow dancefloor on the side to hold about 100 people.
Cloak Room: N/a
Bar: One bar
DJ: DJ Jorgie Jay, DJ Fresh & DJ Adrian Allan
Music: House, RnB, Pop
Crowd: Dominantly European and Middle Eastern. Some Aussies and no Asians except for us. Lots of men with tight t-shirts on showing off their muscles. It’s gross.
Entertainment: n/a
Atmosphere: Dead early, but just like any normal nightclub, people did not dance until around 10:30, but after that it got pretty packed in the small dance area. In the courtyard it was bustling, with most tables occupied. It was a good atmosphere later in the night.

Goofing off with M
There just isn’t enough dancefloor area on the dancefloor to dance – just enough to wave your hands or move step to the left or right one or two steps. So of course, M and I dance it out in the courtyard, puzzling some people, but entertaining others. I started doing the Nutbush but I don’t think anyone picked it up, and I think I looked like an idiot doing the nutbush for an entire two songs.

Threatened for dancing
So we are pulling some pretty funky dory moves, and the crowd around us is loving it. A big burly man in the circle pulls M aside. He is told to dance up on the dancefloor, and not here in the courtyard. He didn’t look happy at all. He was quite the asshole actually. If it was illegal to dance in the courtyard, surely we would have been told by security! anyway some people are party pooping assholes.

Dancing for a bit with a muscly guy
Tried to get onto the dancefloor but its too packed, so we danced just outside the stairs leading up , where some other people were also dancing. ANOTHER big burly man pulls us aside, but instead of telling us off, he orders us to dance! haahahaa. OK, so we dance. He’s 30 something but still got the tmoves. Pretty fun dude.

A Smokers paradise
It’s technically an outdoor area, and the dancefloor isn’t a closed space, so there are people smoking everywhere. Initially its bad but you eventually adjust and start breathing the crap in, but its still yuck. Of course, at the end of it all, your skin and clothes smell like cigarettes when you get home. Dirty, filthy and foul.

Stayed until the end. Kicked out at Midnight. Place was still packed at this time.

A pretty good place to go to on a Sunday, while still being able to go to work the next day if need be. Much better than most other places on a Sunday in terms of population.

However the open smoking is a drawback to this venue, and I wouldn’t come here alone – especially if you bump into a big wog guy who doesnt like your preference of dancing in the courtyard. There were two fights we saw that night as well. If it wasn’t for that idiot and the open smoking, a higher rating would have been in order

Sundays @ The Albion Hotel
– 6.5/10

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