Fame @ Arthouse : Saturday 7th November 2009

On November 7, 2009, in Arthouse Hotel, RnB, by James Tran

I’m here for a second birthday tonight (the 1st birthday earlier was at E11even nightclub) and I’ve been itching to check this place out, so here we go!

In the crowd at Arthouse

In the crowd at Arthouse

Fame @ Arthouse Hotel

Assessment Time: 1am – 4am
Website: http://www.urbanagent.com.au
Address: 275 Pitt St (Next to Hilton Hotel)
Dress Code: Casual. My pirate shirt was ok. I snuck the hat in separately then put it on after I got inside.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20 or $25
Guestlist: Send to aj@urbanagent.com.au, for $5 off before 11:30. Free before 10:30, but fat chance that you will be the lucky 6 or 7 people to get in.
Inside: Promoted as House and RnB, but only one room was open tonight, the RnB room. False advertising by the promoters!!! FALSE! Girls at the cashier  claimed that the owners of Arthouse would not allow the house room to be open tonight.
Bar: One bar. Wait time around 5 minutes when we got in.
DJ: Typical RnB DJs playing tonight.
Music: RnB. No house/electro.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian. Young.
Entertainment: MC to keep the crowd going.
Atmosphere: Pretty busy, with just enough space to dance.

Fame @ Arthouse - 1am

Fame @ Arthouse - 1am

Video: YouTube Preview Image

We are pirates, arrr arr arrrr
I was meant to go to a pirate party tonight but somehow it never happened. So here we are, M and I, dressed as pirates at a nightclub. Nice. Needless to say, people were taking photos with us, chatting with us. Pretty fun!

Look out Somali pirates - a new force is sweeping the world

Look out Somali pirates - a new force is sweeping the world

Bumping into multiple friends again:
Being a friend whore with many asians, I do bump into people here who are smart enough to not go to Bamboo:

1. Firstly of course, I say hello to birthday girl and friends.

2. I bump into another friend, who is on a date. Some date they are having, as he’s on the other side of the room, and she’s talking to the hottest pirate in town. Her date has no hope now. It’s only when I hug her then he comes over to save the day. Hilarious.

3. A girl comes up says hello to me. She is the sister of one of my other friends. I had no idea who she was at the time but then I realised who she was afterwards. Drat!

4. I bump into a guy friend who is out with his posse of 8 or so girls. He loves me, and introduces me to friends. But his posse don’t want to dance with me. Oh well,  us pirates can’t get all the booty out there!

5. Then to top it off I bump into another friend’s hen’s night. I get to dance with the large group of girls in LBD’s … SCORE haha.

Then there was a 6th person i bumped into..
A guy who used to snob me / not acknowledge me, has finally come up to say hello. I am a forgiving person, so I say hello back to him.

Snob: “Hey, remember me?”
James: “yes, how are you” etc etc
Snob: “Good. Do you remember my name?”
James: “yes, its snob*” (*snob not being his real name)
Snob: “Oh! (the most slightest pause) I don’t remember your name. what was it again???”

James: OH. MY. GOD.


Is what I really wanted to scream at him. Of course, I tell him my name is “James”. However, Snob has not made a good impression with me at all. Snob is only talking to me to be introduced to the hens girls i was with, who were pretty much the hottest ones in the club. There was no way now that was going to happen. I snobbed the Snob sand silently wished the loser went away. He did.

I fail at being John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever.
By the end of the night I am getting pretty drunk. Inspired by John Travolta, I do a run up and slide on the wooden floor! yeehar!!

Sadly though, the floor is not waxed, and I managed to slide about 1 metre before grazing my knees, and ending up on the floor in a foetal position, grabbing my burning knees in dear pain. It hurt so much!!!

I get up and security is looking down at me. Security man has a look on his face that says “I am going to kick your pirate ass out of here”. I have to explain that I only had one beer, (much like tiger woods only initially admitting sleeping with one woman) and I quickly walk to another spot in the club before I am kicked out.

We left at closing time.

Despite only the ONE room being open tonight, I do recommend going here with friends. It is only a monthly event so keep checking the promoter website for the next dates of when it will happen.

Fame @ Arthouse – 7.5/10

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3 Responses to Fame @ Arthouse : Saturday 7th November 2009

  1. dr_stoopid says:

    LOL that moustache I doodled on my face is SO FREAKING EPIC.

  2. James says:

    I might pull down that picture – i don’t like how your moustache is taking attention away from ME!

  3. James says:

    The promoters, Urban Agent, have decided to resurrect this event as of tonight, 21st July 2012, but instead of calling it “Fame” have renamed it to “Flirt” – It’s pretty much the same deal. I am not too much of a fan for events at Arthouse, but here is to hoping it lasted longer than last time. It is very gutsy to launch the event during the middle of winter though, but I’m sure the new wave of clubbers will have a look at Arthouse to have a judge.

    If you have been to Arthouse before for whatever clubbing event, it has not changed at all, though it would be interesting what promoters do inside, if there are any changes permitted by the owners at all. Last time there was just the DJ right up at the front, with podiums on the left and right. It was also a pretty dark atmosphere.

    As a side note, this entry was written 2 years ago – I have somewhat toned down from my self-absorbed ways (I actually cringed while reading the timeline entries), so please don’t take this entry as a true reflection of my personality today. :)

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