Klassic Nights @ Bligh Bar – 10th October 2009

On October 10, 2009, in Bligh Bar, RnB, by James Tran

A friends birthday at Bligh Bar where he was also a promoter. *groans* Oh well, I have to go.. so here we go!

Bligh Bar Sydney

Bligh Bar Sydney

Klassic Nights @ Bligh Bar
Assessment Time: 11:15pm – 3:00am
Opening Times: 10:30pm – 3:00am
Website: http://www.klassicnights.com
Address: 2a Bligh St, Sydney
Dress Code: Casual ok. I had a Fedora, white collared shirt and vest going on.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 on guestlist, I think. Can’t remember if it was $10 of $15. $20 otherwise
Guestlist: See website
Inside: Setup hasn’t changed. One small dance floor, one bar, and seats on the other end.
Cloak Room: None
Music: Contemporary RNB first, with the occasional electro song. Around after 1:30am the hip hop/rap music comes out, reggae, whatever. A typical RnB club setup.
Crowd: All asian, with the exception of one group of wogs. Two or three birthdays here tonight.
Entertainment: Nil
Atmosphere: Better than last time, (last time was shithouse). However it still was dead outside the vicinity of dancefloor. Dancefloor itself was ok and constantly busy, but it wasn’t packed. So long as you stayed in the direct vicinity of the dance floor you were ok, but once you stepped outside, you could see how desolate the rest of the place was. The entire place was only at best at a third capacity, and that whole third was on the floor.


How I became “Balloon Man”
I was bored, and there were balloons everywhere for the birthdays. So I got two balloons and stuck it on either side of me. I looked awesome. My friends, using me as their puppet of amusement, decided “Wouldn’t it be funny to collect EVERY SINGLE BALLOON and tie it up to James?” So off go my friends, and after about 20 or so minutes, my friends have successfully managed to get every single balloon and tie it to my belt.

Balloon Man meets his Maker and Nemesis – Birthday Girl

A girl comes up and asks why I have these balloons. It was my birthday I reply. A lie, as every single one of the balloons were actually for her. She demanded I return the balloons!

‘OK’ I say, and I tug some balloons, but my friends have cleverly tied the balloons so tight, they cannot come off with a mere tug. Birthday girl then grabs a whole bunch of balloon strings and tugs, which just tugs at my pants. haha. Nothing happens, and she storms away, a little angry that Balloon Man spared no balloons for her birthday party. In my defence, the balloons weren’t doing much at all – they were just hanging around with someone awesome.

Tonight I am Balloon Man

I, Balloon Man

Balloon Man annoys the other patrons at the club
Being a man with many balloons hanging off his backside, it proved very difficult to navigate around the club. My balloons were always hitting people in the head, and whenever I danced – well it was pretty dificult. I would move my hands back and move the balloons. Then the balloons would rise again and hit me in the head, as well as hit other people.

See if you can spot me in the club

See if you can spot me in the club

The Demise of Balloon Man
Around 1am, people get drunk. People thought it was funny to pop my balloons. Not just one, but all of them. It initially started with people tugging at my strings to steal one or two balloons. Then someone decided to pop a balloon. Then another person came, and another. Suddenly there were a swarm of asian people squeezing and popping my balloons!! This was terrible. Eventually, all the balloons were popped, and I had just balloon string hanging from my belt as a reminder of what I once was.

an attacker tries to pop one of my balloons. In this particular picture, she failed to pop it. However later, the balloon was eventually worn down and popped.

an attacker tries to pop one of my balloons. In this particular picture, she failed to pop it. However later, the balloon was eventually worn down and popped. =(

It became a sausage fest after 1:30am. We left at close time 3am.

Still a no for now. Better than last time though. Still a new event, so it might get better in the future.

Tonight a 5.5/10

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  1. James says:

    Klassic Nights has since moved to the new location at Haymarket Hotel / Martini Bar. It’s more of an intimate location, similar to Manhattan Bar

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