No real occasion but to just have our fix of clubbing this week.. friends choice – Home Nightclub. Wasn’t too keen as the last time proved only to be very mediocre.. hoping tonight is better  – here we go!

Homemade Saturdays @ Home Nightclub Sydney
Assessment Time
: 11:30pm – 1:45am
Address: Cockle Bay Wharf
Dress Code: Casual ok. I wore a t-shirt, jeans and dress shoes.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Something ridiculous like $25 I think. No thumbprint scanners tonight.
Guestlist: Did not submit one, but visit the website to submit a guestlist.
Inside: See video. Basically one big room, 3 other dance rooms and a chill out room. Chill out room is not featured in the walkthrough video.
Cloak Room: $3 or $4 I think. Memory bad.  Cloak room is not advertised, but is it at the end of the main room bar, right next to the speakers.
DJ: Same DJ as last time here on a Satuday. Don’t know his name but he’s bald, and hates guys dancing up on the front podium.
Music: Electro/Commercial house in main room, old school rnb upstairs. See video.
Crowd: Mixed. Even mix of asian, caucasian, black, white, whatever.
Atmosphere: Very good and vibing tonight. Packed for a change. It was pissing down raining outside, so there might be a correlation there.
Entertainment: Front podium dancers and MC to keep it going.

Main Room Home Nightclub - 3rd October 2009 - Very packed and alive

Main Room Home Nightclub - 3rd October 2009 - Very packed and alive

Video: Walkthrough of Home Nightclub:
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Tonight is packed. Surprise!
Really packed tonight. Not just downstairs, but the other rooms were bustling heaps as well. Strange, as the other two nights I came here, the other rooms were quite dead. The rain outside probably really did keep people inside – you would think rain would keep people inside at home, no?

Watered down Tequila shots.. and my solution to solve this ridiculous issue.
Drunken behaviour is bad sometimes. So they decided to serve tequila shots… ON ICE. First its no shots after midnight.. now tequila on the rocks? That’s just going too far!!! I am 25 godamn it, not 18! They should give us 25 year olds special privilege to have pure shots, as well as shots after midnight, and let everybody else have only diluted shots on ice. NOW THAT’S AN IDEA AUSTRALIA!

I danced heaps on the podium in the main room. It’s good to get it out of the system. They even allowed people to shoulder ride, which is nice. Here’s a short excerpt of the night.

Video: Tiesto’s Adagio for Strings at Home Nightclub
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Kicked out thanks to passing out
One of my friends passed out, and we were dragging her sorry ass outside. Bouncer saw us and helped kick all of us out. We had to find her other friend. We found her also passed out, in the women’s toilet. Classy indeed. Apparently the water downed tequila shots seriously pushed her over the edge. LOL.

A blow up boyfriend
While looking for the second friend, I bumped into a hen’s night. They somehow managed to brign a Male blow-up doll into the place. I wonder if the doll had to pay for entry as well. I took a photo with them. She shoved the mans face into mine, and I accidentally kissed him. Gross.

Me, the hen and our boyfriend the blow up doll. I think his name was Ken.

Me, the hen and our boyfriend the blow up doll. I think his name was Ken.

Kicked out 1:30am by association of drunk friend. 2am lock out also applied as we did try to go back inside.

Despite the tequila on the rocks… it was a pretty good night tonight!

Homemade Saturdays @ Home Nightclub Sydney, 3rd October 2009 – 7/10

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