My footy team, the Cantebury Bulldogs, had just lost to the Parramatta Eels in the semi finals. I was leaving the football stadium, all depressed. I decided to ditch my plans for Docks Hotel tonight and go home. I was that buggered.

Right as I get home, I get an SMS invite from my friend M to go to the Albion Hotel Parramatta for some clubbing. Well.. I haven’t been here on a Friday night, so why not – it was probably cheaper here than a $25 cover charge at darling harbour – so here we go!

The Albion Hotel (Gasworks Nightclub)

Assessment Time: 12.15am – 4am (closing time)
Address: 135 George St, Parramatta
Dress Code: Casual OK. I was wearing my wig, black collared shirt, jeans and leather shoes.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $10 I think, or $15.
Inside: Gasworks Nightclub takes up about a third of the area of Albion Hotel. It is basically one big room with lounges against one wall, some tables/chairs on the other side, DJ at the front along with a massive podium (enough space to hold a band), and bar at the back.
DJs: DJ Tommy Funk.

Music: RNB and house. DJ mixed it up well – it was more house than rnb and thank god for that.
: Caucasian/Euro. All the girls dress pretty well here, not many girls with jeans here, lol. Seemed like an even ratio
Atmosphere: Vibe was good! Having the local football team win the semi finals had everybody here in a good mood.
Walkthrough Video

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Long time, no wig – A tale of 3 blind mice
I usually only use my wigs  now when I go to the white clubs just for attraction. So tonight, I had my trusty spiky wig on – it’s been a while.

Mouse 1) Blinded by the flash
I was dancing with a girl and I took a photo with her. Then I asked for a second photo with her. This time I took off my wig while she wasn’t looking. She looked at me with my normal hair and asked:
“Who are you??”

Before - asian guy with cool hair

Before - asian guy with cool hair

After. She had no idea who i was

After. She had no idea who i was

She was being serious. She didn’t recognize me at all. Strange, as it had only been about 15 seconds between the first photo and the secon photo. hahhaaha, wow do we all look the same or something? She didn’t seem drunk, or was she? Only urine samples can tell..

Mouse 2) M is a creepy man, but he isn’t really.
My friend is a good dancer, but he made two mistakes – He put on my wig near the end of the night, and secondly, he was born asian.

Once M put on the wig, two girls nearby right away said to him

“OMG is that you?? Oh you were creeping us out earlier tonight!!”

Of course, it wasn’t him who was creeping the girls out. It was me who was. I don’t even remember creeping out girls tonight – What an insult!!! M tried to explain that it was my wig (and rightfully so), but the girls didn’t believe him. hahahahaha oh how funny. Do we all look the same or something? She didn’t seem drunk, or was she? Only urine samples can tell..

Mouse 3) Blind leading the blind
another wig moment
I walked by two guys and, right next to them, I quickly put on my wig. I walked back past them again, literally 5 seconds since the first walk by.

Men: “hey, is that your real hair?”
Me: “Yup” (takes it off)
Men: “OMG! haaha we thought it was your real hair – you had us!”
By now they are laughing hysterically about what they just witnessed – an asian with cool hair rip it off to have black hair underneath. What are the chances.

So do we all look the same or something? They didn’t seem drunk – or were they? Only urine samples can tell..

Dancing on the chair
Is not allowed. The bouncers came and lifted him off and back onto the floor. He kept on dancing afterwards.

Dancing on a chair. About 3 seconds later he is kicked off by security

Dancing on a chair. About 3 seconds later he is kicked off by security

Pushups on the floor
Is approved as a dance move, as it is quite entertaining for the crowd. About 20 or 30 pushups if you can manage. I must beef up so I can add this move to my repetoire.

Free CDs!
The Dj asks the crowd whether anyone wants free CD’s. FREE!! Who doesn’t? He tosses out 4 or 5 CD’s to the crowd standing on the podium, and they greedily grab the CDs. It’s mayhem. I didn’t get any.

However about 2 hours later while I was on the podium, the DJ asked if anyone wanted free CD’s. FREE! Hell yeah! I was ready. He threw out 1, 2… 3 CD’s. They were gobbled out. He had one last CD, and threw it at me. It landed at my leg. Luckily everyone else on the podium already had got a CD, so I calmly bent down to pick up my new CD. Score! It’s got some pretty good tunes for this year.  were only 5 of us on the podium.

It never became a sausage fest
Usually after 2am, many of the girls of a club leave, and there are just men left. Not here. Even though there were probably 10 people left at around 3.30am, it was 5-5 each. Pretty nice!

We left at closing time.. legs weary and tired.

If you’re in the area, check it out. A nice place indeed. 3.5/5

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