NB: Review below is pretty half-arsed

Fridays @ Privilege Bar

I was walking by, when some friends outside saw me. Then they dragged me in.

Assessment Time: 8-9pm
: Asian
: Average. It was pretty packed, mostly from the crowd who was here drinking earlier, including myself. I even spotted the organiser from the Bar Europa Fresh Fridays over here! Hmm..

Well here’s a video of Privilege at around 9pm, when the music starts to turn up:
YouTube Preview Image

I don’t think much happened with me here. Just some dancing with Gumboots – she’s a great dancer but in the promiscuous kinda way. Sucks she has a boyfriend.

I would only come here before 9pm when entry is free – it probably is not worth paying the entry fee after 9pm.

Cargo Bar

YouTube Preview Image

Trying to break into the asian circle. No joy, so I just do a kick ass dance on my own.
I am at cargo, and the crowd is mostly caucasian. I don’t know about you, but when I see a fellow asian at a white club, I can’t help but keep glancing over to see how they’re going. It would even be ideal if we could hang out. It could be something programmed within me, but that’s what I feel. So anyway, I see a bunch of asian girls. Alright! Me and my friend go in for a dance, but oh no, they’re not up for it. The girl I’m trying to dance with keeps passing me on to her friends, and vice versa.

So, I went to another area nearby and danced solo. and I kicked ass. I kicked so much ass the girls could not help but look and stare at me with awe. Oh I am so good. My kick ass dancing gets a birthday girl to randomly dance with me. That was fun, but then the DJ played a song I didn’t like, so we stopped dancing.

Trying to get fat girls to dance
I see so many of the larger girls not enjoy themselves at the club. Standing there like wallflowers. So what can I do? I can dance with them!! So, as my charity deed I actively go out to try and dance with the girls. Well, I tried to. They did NOT want to dance at all with me – why?  It’s not like I’m asking for marriage. Just a dance. Most of the time they would say “I can’t dance”, but it’s bizarre. Self confidence issues? I finally managed to have a girl dance with me. But then as I wrap my arm around her back, I felt the flab, and my hand couldn’t get a grip, mostly because my fingers kept slipping in between the cracks. It was sad, but I suppose that’s why the girls wear black. It works at hiding that stuff.

Coda: an early close at 2.30am

losing my laptop – where’s lost property?

I left my laptop bag somewhere on a sofa. When it came to leave – it was no longer there. OMG someone stolen it!! My awesome photos, videos.. gone like that. I stayed behind and had to actually call management down. They had it! Thank god, I kissed my laptop and promised to never leave it again.

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