Sunday night – our last night in the Gold Coast. Sin City is apparently the place to be. It also happens to be the ‘sister’ nightclub of “The Bedroom” Nightclub, which we visited the night before, and enjoyed.

A guestlist was submitted, and again as previous night, we had a truckload of drinks before we left, so here we go!

Sin City Nightclub
Assessment Time: 11:30pm – 1:45am
Address: 22 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD
Dress Code: Casual OK.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: I’m not sure. $10 I believe. Free on guestlist. Free entry before 11pm if you obtained a voucher. Vouchers are obtained from a stand outside the club., making the whole process irrelevant.
Guestlist: A friend submitted the guestlist through the website. Guestlist also includes 3 free drink vouchers.
Inside: Walk in and you are faced with a seated area. To the right is the dancefloor that could hold about 100 people or less. Two podiums on either end. Elevated standing areas along one walls, and a DJ booth along the other wall. At the back is the bar, with lounges on either side. 2 or 3 VIP areas are in the very back corner.
Music: Commercial House
Bar: $50 Fishbowl Long Island Teas. Awesome. Waitresses in skimpy outfits. Double awesome. Photos below.
Crowd: Locals and tourists. Mixed nationalities tonight of Aussies, Euros, Asians and Indians. For some reason there were quite a few guys in here, I would say a 70/30 ratio of guys to girls in here.
Atmosphere: For a Sunday night, it was quite good. By midnight the bar and dancefloor were pretty packed. You could easily confuse it for a Saturday night out. People were pretty friendly too.

Walkthrough Video of Sin City Nightclub (Sunday):
YouTube Preview Image


Bypassing the line and getting free drinks
We walked up to the bouncer and said the magic words: “We’re on the guestlist”. The bouncer let us right in. No security check. There was a line of about 20 people looking at us walk right in.

We walked up to the door girl: “We’re on the guestlist”. She let us right in and gave us 3 free drink vouchers. What the hell? No name checking?? No voucher check? I LOVE SURFERS PARADISE. Later though the 3 drink vouchers encouraged more drinking, so Sin City probably got their money back and then some.

When a photo ninja becomes just plain annoying:

Our little group of people are happily drinking away taking photos. I made a grave mistake of hi fiving this Indian dancer. He saw it as the opportunity to hang out with our group and invade every photo we took. First he started by doing behind the target ninja photos (pic removed), which is fine. Tolerated.

Secondly he started sticking his grubby fingers in front of the camera which is definitely not cool:

How to fuck up others photos  #2 - stick your hand in front of camera

How to fuck up other peoples photos #2 - stick your hand in front of camera

Then finally he just jumps into the damn photos:

How to fuck up others photos #3 - stick your head in front of camera

How to fuck up other peoples photos #3 - stick your head in front of camera

WHO WAS THIS GUY??? Even though he danced ok,   I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE HIM RIGHT NOW. Even as I peruse through these photos, feelings of anger and hate well up inside of me as I relive the moments we were terrorized by this demonic photo whore. UGH!! ANNOYING! So many horny guys are out on a Sunday night. I do not have one clean shot of the nightclub crowd without his f*cking head popping in. We actually told him to “stop it”, but of course, “stop it” means “oh yes, please.. I’m begging you to go harder at it”.

Fishbowl drinks:
$50 Long Island Tea Drinks, served to you by waitresses in corsets. Enough Said:

Sin City Nightclub Surfers Paradise: Sultry waitresses and alcohol = win!

Sin City Nightclub Surfers Paradise: Cute waitresses and alcohol = win!

Meeting some japanese women
Rooster wanted to hit on women. Tonight I just wanted to dance. Ok sure, so the plan was to hit on the ugliest ones and work our way up the beauty chain.

We went up to two Japanese girls and straight up asked for a dance. Funnily they said yes, and so I ended up stuck with them the rest of the night. Rooster had tried to get other girls, but they weren’t so receptive.  So here I am with Jap girls and we dance the rest of the night away. Sadly they don’t speak much english at all, so we drank instead. I like that kind of arrangement.

Coda: Friends get kicked out
an SMS from Rooster: “we got kicked out”. A friend had got trashed and so it was good enough to be kicked out. Oh well. Me and Jap girls leave for food.

This is quite a nice spot for Sunday night. Good music and atmosphere too. I do recommend it for Sunday clubbing.
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