Blacktown RSL – We were at the station. 30 minutes until the next train. So we went to Blacktown RSL to dance. There was a band playing tribute songs and we danced for 5 minutes before we had to leave. The crowd was 30s and older.

Me and the band - Blacktown RSL (we were here for 4 minutes)

Me and the band - Blacktown RSL (we were here for 4 minutes)

Albion Hotel,  Parramatta
Me and C outside of Albion Hotel. It’s currently the best place to be in Parramatta on Saturday nights. Good euro crowd, and music is mixing between RNB and House. We ask some other punters who just left – they said it was packed and pretty good. Cover charge is $15. C hears the house music inside and doesn’t want to go in. So we leave. We ask a local and she says there isn’t much else. So we try to get back in but the bouncer says its a 1am lockout. The time was 1.01am.

Collectors Hotel, Parramatta
The music was ok, but the venue looked small. Didn’t look like a nightclub. The line was long, and full of Islanders. Not my or C’s kinda crowd. We left

Roxy hotel, Parramatta
Closed! What on earth? We had wondered why there were no Saturday night pictures on the Roxy website.

So we left Parramatta at 1.30am to go home.

Coda / Recommendation
Saturday night Parramatta area recommendation is Albion Hotel. There isn’t much else out west, except The Mean Fiddler. Also get to these places a bit earlier. 1am lockouts suck.

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  1. James says:

    omg i just got a call (at 3:20am)
    “James, Im at Parramatta now, where are you?”

    I told her to meet us at Parramatta earlier that night. Now she has to go home, as everything is closed.

    I feel really bad. lol

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