Assessment Time: Sunday – Got in 11pm, left 1.30am
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free Entry (everything else around the cross was free entry as well).
Attire: Casual allowed.
Door policy: Asians definitely allowed in on Sundays – the crowd was dominantly caucasian.
Music was House. Commercial tunes and other electro-like stuff.
Atmosphere was very loud, and high energy – It was probably 40-50% capacity but didn’t feel too empty, it was busier than any other places we checked out tonight. Fairly busy, but the side room was closed, as it was a sunday. Was with some guys and we parked at a spot at the back at one of the lounges. Ratio of women to men was good, until around 1am where it just became a sausage fest.


I haven’t been dancing friday/saturday and I had real itchy feet. Danced with a guy – and he loved it, he was dancing out back so we went to the front and danced with.. more guys, who were also loving my dancing. Girls weren’t very willing to dance with me for some reason.. hmm

I found an empty spot on the floor and did some dancing. A bunch of women  nearby were impressed. But instead of dancing with me, they cheered me on. I wanted some grinding damnit! This was the case most of the night, and we just got tired and left 1.30am.

This is a good place for pure dancing on a Sunday night – since everything else is closed. Possibly Moulin rRuge would be the alternative for dancing but I have yet to check it out on a Sunday.

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  1. James says:

    The Dragonfly will soon be renamed to ‘The Tunnel’ this year

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