A friend invited me to a little uni end of semester party – with a Pajama theme – sounded great! So I dressed up as a sailor.

U n’ I Pajama Party @ Docks Hotel
Assessment Time: 10:30pm – 2.30am
Entry Fee/ Cover Charge: $25 prepaid, $30/$35 at the door. Alternatively you could have come to Docks Hotel before 9.30 for drinks without paying entry and hung around for dance later.
Occurrence: Once off. It was U n’ I’s (the organisers) first event.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian, and almost entirely of uni students.
Music: RNB, House. The typical Sydney RNB DJ’s attended tonight. Sefu.. and Ace and some other ones for the main area. In the side room/area there was also RNB, but the DJ here also mixed it up with some House music. The King of Pop died earlier today, so there was also a 4  song Michael Jackson tribute in the middle and at the end of the night, which was nice of the DJs. A bit of Jackson 5, and then some MJ songs.
Atmosphere: Pretty good. Crowded as people were let in. Most stayed until 1.30.
Entertainment: Dance off, and an all girls pillow fight. Videos of the pillow fight later

360 Video Inside:
YouTube Preview Image

Scored a ticket for $5 off from a girl in line
I’m lining up, and a tap on the shoulder. A girl is offering to sell her ticket. I buy it for $20. What luck! The promoter I was supposed to buy it off was reluctant but agreed to let me buy her ticket instead. She and her friends were cute.

I get given the finger from her dwarf friend
later on that night I bump into them and introduce myself to her friends. All are pretty nice, except the shortest girl. She must have been 140cm, shorter than my mum. I bent my knees to shake her hand on her level. Her friends laughed. She took offence and gave me the finger, not jokingly, but seriously and she refused to shake it. So I grabbed her other hand and shook it. She told me to fuck off. lol oh well.

Met a samurai in the toilet
I walked into the bathroom and there were lots of guys changing into their outfits. A samurai walks in and I compliment him. He compliments me back. We found out we have something in common – we both graduated from university already and we both look like creeps. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the entire night, photo whoring ourselves ONLY with people who dressed up in their PJs:

Photo whoring with Samurai man behind me.

Photo whoring with Samurai man behind me.

Girls Pillow Fight Video!
Purely for the men to watch – there was a mattress installed in the club, and 5 girls were asked to come up and fight it off for a 50 dollar voucher or something. The only rule was that they had to be on their knees. haha, hilarious. There are two fights, so here they are:

Pillow Fight 1

YouTube Preview Image

Pillow Fight 2

YouTube Preview Image

The girl in the black was voted the winner by audience cheer.

Pajama Party Pillow Fight (Docks Hotel)

Pajama Party Pillow Fight (Docks Hotel)

I think one of the DJs didn’t like me dancing
It’s around 2am, and In the side room, some awesome house music was playing, and it was just me and my friend dancing. NOBODY else was dancing here, everyone seemed buggered. I love the house music playing so I went up to the DJ and say:
me: “I LOVE House music! RNB over there (in the other room) is crap compared to this!”.
DJ: (nods his head)

The next song he played was RNB. what a slack bastard!!

Dirty floor
After the pillow fight, some pillows were destroyed and the ‘feathers’ were distributed around the floor:

Remnants of the pillow fight lay on the dancefloor

Remnants of the pillow fight lay on the dancefloor

Possessive girls
Psycho girls also stole the teddy bears from the beds. I saw a big teddy sitting on a chair. I walked up to pat it and I hear these huge ‘NOOOO!! AAAAA!!!!’ shrieking devlish noise from 3 girls who had stolen the teddy bear for their own. Just because I’m an asian sailor doesn’t mean I’m going to steal it:

Friend posing with one of the teddy bears stolen

Friend posing with one of the teddy bears stolen

The uni vs uni dance off – SHAM!
“We’re going to have a dance off – so all you people from USYD and Macquarie come to the front of the floor now!!”

This was it. 3 years of clubbing had come to this point in time. It was time to represent. My dancing friend was also from USYD and we wanted to go up and represent!! We figured it out – We were experienced, and OK dancers, and comparitively we would be competing with Macquarie uni students who have clubbed for no longer than 1 or 2 years, if that – since they went to uni they wouldn’t have the time to focus on dance. We were guaranteed a win!

We went up to the front. We hung around, and nothing. We look out and the dance-off had already begun! WTF!! We werent’ even called. The dancers were already chosen for this dance off.

So I went up to the dance circle to see the competition I was potentially up against. You would not believe what I saw. I SAW MY FORMER DANCE INSTRUCTOR REPRESENTING MACQUARIE UNI !!! OMG . He is quite possibly one of the best hip hop dancers in australia, I think he’s choreographed for some routines on “So you can think you can dance australia” and not only that, he’s also 30 something years old, and I don’t even think he went to uni in Australia. Grrr!

I look to the other side who was representing USYD, and you would not believe what I saw. THOSE TWO GUYS I SAW PERFORM AT THE UNSW BSXC DANCE LAST MONTH!! OMG. These guys weren’t as good as my former dance instructor, but they danced in synchronization which made it look cool, but rehearsed. Instructor danced with what came out – that is true dance.

I suppose the general population were oblivious to the sham happening right in front of them. Me and my two friends, who had taken classes with the dance instructor, knew exactly what was going on. At least the crowd and myself were impressed with their moves – If we had danced, they would have definitely been disappointed! STILL THAT’S NOT THE POINT!! grrr.

Dance off between the 'two unis'

Sham dance off between the 'two unis'

In the end, USYD won. My dance instructor was 100x better though, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Left due to pure exhaustion and the increasing ratio of men to women. It was 3am. A good night had by all.

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