Thursdays @ Scary Canary (25th June 2009)

On June 25, 2009, in House, RnB, Scary Canary, by James Tran

Trashed from free drinks at the Slip Inn a few hours earlier. Friends at Scary. Time to dance!

Scary Canary
Assessment time (10pm-11.30pm)
Address:469 Kent Street

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Free Entry all night
Dress code: anything goes. Casual allowed.
Crowd: Mostly euro. Not many people
Atmosphere: A bit dead, but busy near the bar. It *was* a thursday night…
Promotion: Free bubbly for girls 8-9pm.
Music: RnB and House.  Pretty good tunes to dance to, no complaints!

The Bar level at Scary Canary
The Bar level at Scary Canary

Walkthrough video:
YouTube Preview Image

Straight cross dressers:
These guys were wearing one pieces, and they were all straight. Was it because there was free champagne for ladies? Either way they got lots of attention. Found out that they actually come here every week!:

Thursdays @ Scary - Crossdressing men in their one pieces

Thursdays @ Scary - Crossdressing men in their one pieces

If only my friends were as gutsy as these guys.

Random girl joins us
Random girl with a mole joins our group. I nab her and dance with her. It gets hot. It gets steamy. Then her friends arrive and its all over. She goes outside. i want to talk to her but she’s on the mobile. Sigh.

Pretty dead floor
Most of the time we were there, nobody was dancing. The crossdressing guys were picking up girls at the bar, and only our little group would be dancing most of the time. Later on a couple came up and some other girls, but that was it. Mind you it was Thursday, so don’t expect much activity at any club.

Coda: I leave to go home

I was only here for about 2 hours before I had to leave at 11.20 to go home. The atmosphere was alright as we were with friends. I saw some loners not doing much, they looked bored.

It’s an ok place to go for a city club on Thursday.

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