It’s my unofficial birthday out, and this time I get to choose the club!

Homemade Saturdays @ HOME Sydney
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Free entry before 9.30pm for all on guest list and $10 after till 10.30pm and after that $15 till 11pm, VIP CLOSES 11pm and then general admission applies which is $25
Guestlist: Submitted through, but you can also send to or
Music: Main arena consists of House, Dance, Electro, Rnb mashups/remixes. This was enough to keep everybody around happy. Highlight of the night was “Im on a boat” near closing time. The smaller room is the specialized RNB room tonight. I wasn’t in here too long, as my friends hung out in the main arena most of the time.
Dress Code: Casual allowed. Dress up allowed. My hat was allowed.

Crowd: Mixed. Locals, backpackers, and different nationalities everywhere.
: Main Arena big party mood. Rnb room, was the same, but because of the smaller size it was more isolated for each group of people there. It was pretty packed in here. It was pretty good.
Entertainment: MC to keep things running in main arena. Random people (ie pretty girls) picked to get up and dance.
Cloak Room: Yes

It’s my birthday! and someone else’s too!
Everybody I saw, I would absolutely announce to them that “It’s my birthday!”. Either people said “happy birthday!” back or they wouldn’t believe me, and they would stand there ignoring the drunk old James.  Then suddenly some guy replied back and said it was his birthdate as well. We compared licenses and OMG we had the same birthday!!. It was his 21st birthday. Pretty cool to meet someone else with the same birthday!

Even mum can’t stop me from taking home a Scottish girl.
“Hey! its my birthday!” I say to the two girls at the bar. They’re friendly, and about 10 minutes later I’m making out with one of them. After about 30 minutes of this continual making out. I was getting tired, and my braces were starting to irritate my lips. I wanted to dance!!! She says no, and wants to go home with me.
girl: “so who do you live with?”

me: “my mum. You are not coming over. My room is next to hers”
girl: “I promise to be quiet”
me: (omg lol) “no! what about yours?”
girl: “I have flatmates! Let me come over, you can kick me out in the morning before she wakes up!”
OMFG LOL WHAT AN OFFER… A girl offering a free bang AND I don’t have to make breakfast for her! Did god really want me to get laid tonight as a birthday present?

Decision was made to leave, but on the way out her friends find her and take her away. Oh well. Back to dancing!!

Taking over the dancefloorhow I did it
I was still high off my kite. Joined my two guy friends who had stayed behind. Everyone else had gone home while I was making out with Scottish girl. It was my birthday and I decided to  talk to everybody on the dancefloor and inform them it was my birthday, which is exactly what I did.  Here are some of the stories from  my waltzing around:

Irish couple: I found a girl alone and talked to her. Suddenly her boyfriend comes up and says hi! omg -.- Then I told him, I was just talking to her to protect her from other creeps (such as me LOL). He thanks me and we’re friends. Phew! It was his last day in sydney before he and his girlfriend go back to Ireland. That was pretty cool. Throughout the rest of the night we have merry Irish dancing. I showed him the new riverdance dance I finally learned from a girl who taught me at We Love Sounds 2 weeks ago. He’s impressed and we all do a little riverdance.

Lebanese girls: Walking by, one of them takes my hat. I grab the thief and I dance with her. I announce it was my birthday. She gives me a birthday kiss on the lips and calls me a “hot asian”. Thanks, but please tell me something I don’t know! LOL… the birthday god was here at Home nightclub for sure.

Birthday boy: I bumped into the guy who had the same birthday as me, and we have a little dance with his friends. Awesome guy.

Dancing guys: A group of guys. I join their circle for a dance. Big cheers and more merry dancing. This is fun!

Girl with a big muscly guy: Everytime I went by her, she stole my hat. But she was with this big muscle man. I didn’t even want to TRY to hit on her, but I did announce it was my birthday. So I dance normally with her. Then suddenly when he turns around away,  she gives me a wet one on the lips. OMG wow. But as much as I wanted to, I was not going down this road of having a literal birthday bash, even if the birthday god was watching over me tonight. I take my hat and run back to find the next person to announce my birthday to.

Some other women: Bunch of 30 something women dancing alone. I announced to them it was my birthday. One says cool and we dance. She looked bored, so I dragged her around to say hi to all my new dancefloor friends. She teaches me Salsa, but I still can’t get my head around. Then i left.

By this point in time it was around 2.30am, and I basically said “hello, its my birthday” to everybody, and everyone here was my new friend. Pretty cool! Me and my two friends dance off the night away.

They played ‘I’m on a boat’!
Around 3.30am, the DJ plays “Im on a boat” by the Lonely Island. This has got to be possibly the greatest birthday present ever. Dancing to this awesome song. Me and my friends go mad and chant along to it, and some of the crowd know it too and singalong too.

YouTube Preview Image

Sometime after 4am the club closes, and I said bye to everyone.. there were probably 30 or so people left. an awesome night for us.

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    lol. ahaha, Sounds like an awesome night man! You really do meet alot of random people hey? LOL (creepy guys such as yourself) 😛

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