Moulin Rouge fail
It was all set out – a 21st birthday at Moulin Rouge. I waited in line for 30 minutes (it was massively long, and the bouncer cut off half the line because it was intruding on other premises). It was $15 on a guestlist she didn’t double check. It was pretty busy, but I wasn’t feeling it – I couldn’t find the girl. My phone rings… She’s changed venues!! NO WAY. The promoters had failed to submit her guestlist, and she didn’t want people lining up. A big fail, as the guestlist only served as a discount entry and not for a faster entry into the club. I was in Moulin Rouge for a grand total of .. 3 minutes @ $5 / minute. I could have called a phone sex line at that rate! One of the attendees offered to try to get us into Bungalow 8 as he had a guestlist going on as a backup. Good choice, since it was all the way on the other side of the city.

Bungalow 8/Cargo Bar fail
Big fail getting in. Two of the girls were dressed up goth like (without the make up), and one of the guys was just wearing a t-shirt. Bungalow 8 refused us entry, and so did Cargo, based on this.

The two girls were keen to go to Trash, their regular haunt. By this point, nobody cared anymore where we went, we were sick of walking around bring rejected, so off we went to the Agincourt Hotel…

I knew I was in for something different overhearing a girl give directions on the phone:

“Look for huge ‘TRASH’ banner. It’s got a picture of a skull, with burning flames underneath it”…

Agincourt Hotel

Address: Corner of Harris Street and Broadway
Website: http://www.agincourthotel.com.au
Inside: 3 Levels I was told, but only the bottom two levels were open tonight. On entering is a bar area, its quite small this total area – the music from upstairs eminates towards down here. Walk up the stairs and there is another bar, and a medium sized dancefloor eating up about 60% of space.
YouTube Preview Image

About Trash Saturdays (assessment time midnight)

Occurence: Every Saturday
Website: http://www.trashsaturdays.com, http://www.clubblink.net
Entry Fee/Cover Charge: $12 . $10 if you’re a member.
Door Policy / Dress Code: anybody was welcome. Hallowed. anything allowed, except chains and spikes.
Crowd: Mixed. Mostly aussies, euros and a handful of asians. Ages varied from 18 to late 20s.
I walk in to expect heavy metal playing, when I instead, hear RNB!! Like WTF! Tonight only the first two floors were open, and there was only one DJ, playing tracks from all different genres. It was mostly alternative rock, but the songs that you know. Songs like “chop suey” by SOAD, or “Rollin'” by Limp Bizkit. Just some good heavy rock. I was awaiting the heavy metal but it never came up. Later on the website I find out that the heavy metal nights were only on Fridays. Officially the types of music being played are “Punk, Rock, Indie, Emo, Heavy, Hardcore, Party Tunes”.
Song Requests: You could sms to request a song here! A big electronic banner above the DJ set scrolls the number. My friend requests the song “I’m On A Boat” by The Lonely Island. It never gets played. What a waste of an SMS! A complete list of types of songs can be found on the website.
Atmosphere – Pretty good, vibrant. Despite first appearances, people were all pretty friendly.

The heavy metal girls don’t get what they want.
These two were really keen on blink tonight. They said ‘heavy metal’ would be on tonight. Unluckily for them (and lucky for the rest of us) metal was only on Fridays. They must have been caught surprised when the RNB started to play. After about 30 minutes of this mix of rnb, pop, and occasional heavy rock (no metal) they left to go hom
e. Can’t blame them for turning up on the wrong night. They were very friendly thoughout the night – which totally destroyed my perceived view of people who dressed up as such- they’re normal people like you and me, but covered in tattoos and wrapped in dark clothing. No emo-ness at all (I think any set of people would be offended to be compared to being an emo.) Perhaps these were the type that liked to party too.

Friends leave soon after as well:
Despite the rnb and pop”Party Tunes”, there were still the heavy rock songs which didn’t go down well with the birthday girl and company. One of the guys wanted to go home asap. They left at 1.30am, and I had to make a decision to join them back at the hotel or keep dancing. I decide to stay. ‘Ohhhh James’ you think ‘.. why not go back to the hotel?? are you crazy?? a possible free shag!’. True, but I was enjoying being a dance-whore in here.

Dancing Headbanging Style:
It helps if you have an afro. Helps if you know the words. Heres a short video. I think they’re playing one of the Rage Against the Machine songs “Killing in the name of”:

YouTube Preview Image
Mind you it was only for the heavy rock songs. When the RnB or pop came out, it was a lot of jumping up and down with drunkards, or dancing gayly.

The gay dancer:
He wasn’t gay, but he danced very gay, with a masculine force to it. A fairy on steroids. I.e an awesome version of me. So here are tips from the gay dancer to me that I share with you:
– “I wish I was really gay so I could pick up more chicks”
– “Dance gay. It’s magic”
– “The girls love it”
– etc

The girls did love it. He showed me by going up to two girls and pulling off some whack fairy-gay movies, chest out in the air and all. They loved it and can’t stop laughing. Then he picks the hotter one up with some close intense salsa moves. (NOTE TO SELF: LEARN SALSA) while her friends laughs hysterically. I tell her that ‘we could do better than them!’ and grab her hand, but she literally SCREAMS out in fear in reaction after. Then she took 4 or 5 steps back and consoles in a fellow dancer about how some guy tried to ask her to dance with him. It looked like she could have cried. Now tell me, what on earth did I do? haha, just a grabbed her arm, that’s all. It probably came off real creepy. anyway, I have never ever seriously scared a girl so much before. It was quite funny but sad at the same time.

The other asian guy.. where did I see him before?
There was another asian dude who looked familiar but I had no idea. We occasionally had a little dance when we bumped into each other on the floor but we didn’t really talk.

blues brothers - familiar asian on the left

blues brothers - familiar asian on the left

Then today I look through some old photos, and I spotted this one… and THERE HE WAS!!  ON THE LEFT WITH THE CORONA! HE NINJA-ED MY PHOTO!

Me in my borat outfit at Havana last year for Halloween. The more important person is on the left - I saw him !! I think.

Me in my borat outfit at Havana last year for Halloween. The more important person is on the left - I saw him !! I think.

I was in yet another wig tonight, so I dont think he recognized me.. or did he? Well whoever you are, you and your white buddy looked pretty cool with the suit and Ray-bans. Or I could be completely wrong, and have gotten you confused with an asian who looks exactly like you. lol

More people
Met a girl celebrating her 19th. A good dancer. Met lots of crazy guys. Talked to a guy with his dreadlocks. It’s funny taking off the wig and seeing people getting a shocked reaction!

I made the cloak room girl wait to go home
It was almost 4am. I walked by the cloak room. The girl in there yells at me to grab my bag. I have the last bag in there and she had closed 15 minutes earlier. So nice of her to wait. I got my bag, and she hurriedly went home. I feel bad about making her wait, but how was I to know the room was closed?

People make out here too
Lots of them. I don’t think a girl would leave unless without a number or a kiss. Because of this there was still a good ratio of men to women at closing time. Or perhaps the atmosphere was just that good.  [edit june 24th – saw the gallery – half of them are of people pashing each other]

Left at closing time 4.15am. The final song they played was Tupac Shakur’s “changes” – I still couldn’t believe the songs they were playing here. The regulars must be hating saturdays here. I liked the music choice – I don’t often get to hear rock. However I would guess this would not a place to go for the person who doesn’t like rock. Worth checking out once – you’ll either love it or hate it.

Old Dance Warrior James

Old Dance Warrior James

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