rnb Superclub @ Tank Nightclub (15th May 2009)

On May 15, 2009, in RnB, Tank, by James Tran

It was 1:30. I had just come out of Establishment Hotel (i wrote a whole post but I accidentally lost it -basically it was a place for after work drinks and no more. I did some dancing and some girls danced with me, but ultimately it was not to last long) . Some random people on the street told me to go to rnb Superclub. I didn’t know – it was already 1:30am, and I was tired and real tipsy. So I flipped a coin, and it landed on Tank nightclub. I was alone, and dressed quite well, and was let in without question…. here we go

About Tank Nightclub
Location: Tank, 3 Bridge Lane, Sydney CBD, Sydney
Website: http://www.tankclub.com.au
Inside: Two levels of clubbing. Top level includes lounge / club area and toilets. Bottom has the main room and a smaller rear ‘VIP’ classy like room.

rnb superclub

Website: http://www.rnbsuperclub.com/
Music: rnb, old school rnb upstairs. Fairly good choices of songs.
Crowd: Mixed. Asians, Indians, Caucasians – the whole lot. Good.
Dress Code: Smart Casual. Nice shoes (no chucks, sneakers) and collared shirts for the guys. Girls can get away with casual.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20 when I got in at 1:30am (no guestlist)
Occurrence: Every Friday

Entering Tank Nightlclub walkthrough video:

YouTube Preview Image

The dungeon -like room on the bottom level was closed when I entered, and is not included in this walkthrough.

I get challenged for a dance-off with a random girl.

A girl sees me dance. She then comes up after a few minutes and says to me: “I bet you can’t dance better than me with that girl over there on the wall”. There’s a girl standing her back against the wall, and she was about to be dance-assaulted by two random people – it was on!! So I went up first, and did a little jig, and a little bum grind with the co-operating victim.  I really couldn’t think of much on top of my head, and I probably looked the fool, but the boys loved it. The girl goes up and pulls all these stripper moves on her!! Godamn, was I competing with a stripper? I had no chance! I pretty much conceded defeat and we all had a little more dance.

Girl in blue kicked my ass in a dance off with the girl in green

Girl in blue kicked my ass in a dance off. The girl in green was the unknowing subject.

another girl takes my hat but refuses to dance with me
This was a bizarre one. I was sitting down, and she comes  up and takes my hat. Usually, they are ok with a photo/dance. Photo was done, but no dance. Upstairs had closed and we went down. She still had my hat on. I followed her to dance and take my hat back. She then stood behind this massive pole. I walked around and she walked around the other way. She didn’t want to hang out with me at all. I thought it was funny, but after a minute of this b.s. , I just ran right up to her and grabbed the hat. She wails in protest and I walk away, going “nya nya!” right back at her. She continues her dance with her friends.

Left around 3.30am – a total of 2 hours inside. It was good for an rnb place at this time of hour. A good mixed crowd as well.

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  1. claire says:

    Great post, I was just looking for clubs to go with my friends this Fri. Thanks! Gonna try it out.

  2. […] great idea – but it was already 1:30am and I was seriously drunk. Funnily enough the last time I went to Tank was also at 1.30am – I think some kind of pattern is forming. Anyway, inebriation overrodes […]

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