Just left pumphouse and I walked alllll the way here to meet up with my French friends. This is their default dance residence. Just a quick review for tonight since we’ve been here before:

Brooklyn Hotel Timeline
Music: Rnb, tribal house
Atmosphere: mixed natios.

It was Saturday, an as far as I remember it was packed when I got in. A good mix of guys and girls at the moment, but also a few blimps. Nothing wrong with that either.I had a wig on, and that pretty much got me grinding with 2 random girls within half a minute, which is pretty crazy.

Groping that worked -.-
The Frenchies look at me in amazement as I struggle to think about how on earth do I handle two attractive women in their 30’s grinding on each of my legs. LOL. So while I have these two women on my legs, I felt like I’d try something out – I reached out and just groped their butts at the same time – and I met no resistance!! LOL again. I was absolutely expecting some reaction from at least one of the girls – but nothing! That was when I was in trouble. Must be a cougar thing. I didn’t know what to do next. Do I keep groping? No. Should I go for the boobs? no, that’s inappropriate. I wanted a mentor right now! I realised one of them was married (she had the ring on) and so I really was just dance fodder. That’s a shame.

Dance chasing a girl around
Two hot girls come to proximity with Liberty and I. What do two guys do? We just went up.. and tried to freak them out with a bit of GRINDING!!! But you know what – they just stood there looking at each other smiling – this was NOT how its supposed to be. They were suppoesd to look at each other – the “omg lets get out of here” look and walk away. They stand there .. and compliment my wig -.- Damn wigs.

Second time round it worked, I tip toed towards the other girl who complimented the wig, and she would step away for every step I came close – it got to the point where I was following her around in a big circle.. it was obvious she was avoiding any form of grinding that night, but I thought it was funny following her around. Does this form of action make me a creep? What if creeps were good looking? Would they still be treated like creeps?

Slutting around with everyone, except I get rejected by big girls
Libert and I by the end of the night, were on a natural high – we were slutting around with anybody and just generally dancing with any girl around, and surprisingly only the big Samoan girls refused a bit of grinding. I don’t even know why.

We save some Irish folk
We slut-danced with some irish girls, and they happily danced back – later they told us there were two real creeps trying to pick them up, and when we came along, they were more than happy to dance with us instead of trying to fend off these guys.  We on the other hand seemed to be having fun and enjoying the night in general.


We left at closing time 4.30am – very happy with our night of dance antics.

Don’t go here if you don’t want to be groped or slut danced with by me.  Oh wait, that applies to *any* club. Otherwise a good place to go if the crowd is right.

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